Where to take the Best Selfies in Houston

When you think of Houston, what comes to mind first? Oil? NASA? Cowboy boots? All of these ideas are correct, but Houston is also known for something else, Street Art! Many of Houston’s graffiti murals have become mainstream attractions. The colorfully painted walls are spreading talent and creativity throughout the city.

Houston’s outdoor art scene is a vibrant and rapidly expanding movement. What started as simple graffiti has become so large that there is even a guide to over 100 of the murals.

Here’s a quick list to get you started on your art-filled tour.

Three multicolored ballerinas painted on the side of a large building

By far the largest mural in the area is Sky Dance, by C. Finley, the three multi-colored Houston Ballet dancers are captured in mid-leap. The figures tower 130 feet tall on the side of the 1415 Louisiana Street building, located in the Theater District. Snap Tip: Be mindful of traffic in the busy Theater District when you’re stepping back to capture this massive mural in a photo.

Large colorful mural depicting the city of Houston

Houston’s most iconic mural, and the one most often shared on social media is located at 313 Travis Street, on the side of Treebeard’s restaurant. The Houston is Inspired mural by GONZO247 (Mario E. Figueroa, Jr.) is a visual representation of Houston’s vibrant energy. One of the city’s most famous street artists, GONZO247 has worked closely with the city to develop advertising campaigns featuring this famous mural. Snap Tip: The best time to snap a photo of this mural is early in the morning when the private parking lot is almost empty. The mural is wide, snap it diagonally to fit it in your frame.

Pink, Teal, and yellow mural reflecting in a fountain

Spanning the length of The Lawn at GreenStreet, Alex Arzú’s newly-completed, brightly colored flowers depict a tropical scene with moving water, reflects perfectly in the mural’s adjacent still-water fountain. Snap Tip: To get a colorful and shareable selfie, shoot from across the fountain, including the mural’s watery reflection in your frame. Include the tag #heARTofGS to pop up in the feed of other photos from this ongoing series of cultural art installations.

Large flaming hear twith flying animals in a red and white mural

Also in GreenStreet’s central corridor, you will find the city’s newest mural, by artist Heather L. Johnson. The Houston House of Blues curated this 63-foot long mural. It took over 3 weeks to complete. It features a flaming heart above the skyline, with folk-art style flying animals. Snap Tip: This mural offers the opportunity for numerous selfies…snap as you go for a different background in each, or go for an extreme diagonal to capture the entire wall in one shot.

Houston also features the Mini Murals project, bringing together locals and emerging street artists to decorate Houston’s traffic signal control cabinets. The normally blank boxes that you typically see are turned into creative masterpieces. There are currently 200 throughout the city. Snap Tip: Be on the lookout for surprise mural photo opportunities while you are exploring downtown.

BLue, yellow, and red robot painted on an electrical box in Houston

The Friendly Robot by w3r3on3, Gelson Lemus, is on the corner of Dallas & Crawford Street. The blue and green robot stands guard on the corner, just waiting for you to pose with him. Snap Tip: Give this little robot a hug for a shareable selfie.

Monarch Butterflies are painted above a beautiful blooming garden on an electrical box

Continue along Crawford Street towards Houston Bicycle’s bike island. Keep an eye out for beautiful, orange Monarch Butterflies soaring over fields of brightly-colored flowers by @w3r3on3. Snap Tip: Shoot this mural from a low angle, close to the ground, to make the painted blue sky of the traffic box appear to blend seamlessly into the Houston sky above.

On the corner of Avenida de las Americas (ADLA) and Lamar Street you will notice brightly-colored patchwork quilts appear to cover two traffic boxes. Meenr One, Jose Arredondo, created individual painted fabric patterns to make a treasure trove of color and shapes. Snap Tip: The two murals stand a few feet apart, making the space between the perfect spot to snap a selfie.

Hispanic male farmer and a white llama are painted in a coffee bean field.

On ADLA, located directly in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center, @w3r3on3 created a montage of images relating to the coffee trade industry. The mural includes the coffee fields of South America and the shipping Port of Houston. Snap Tip: Shoot this box from all angles, as the story unfolds around the box’s corners into a timeline of the coffee industry.

Small mural on an electric box, features purple and blue spaceships zapping a cityscape.

Further down ADLA, aliens stage a Bayou City Invasion as they zap intruders from their space ships in this fun, colorful, comic book-style painting by artist Jessica Rice. Snap Tip: Have a little fun with this one, it makes a great selfie with the right pose….zaaap!

From the largest mural in Houston to some of the smallest, the Houston outdoor art scene has something for everyone. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all of the incredible murals throughout Houston!

Know Before You Go

  • Houston is known for its haunted sites. Allen’s Landing is especially popular since it dates to 1836 and is the birthplace of Houston’s business district.
  • One of Houston’s most remarkable features is the Downtown Tunnels, where you can find a long path of restaurants and places to shop.
  • The Houston Museum of Natural Science is an excellent place for entertainment. Don’t skip a stop at the Butterfly Center!

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