Living the “Car-free” Lifestyle in Seaside, Florida

If the thought of ditching your car on your next trip appeals to you, then I know just the place.

Welcome to Seaside, Florida, a “New Urbanism” town, designed as a walkable city with a picturesque backdrop of white picket fences, pastel houses, and native landscaping. The town includes an amphitheater, post office, gourmet grocery store, bookstore, school, and beachside pavilion all within close proximity. This idyllic setting has been the recipient of several architectural awards and was also used as the actual film set for The Truman Show.

Overview of steps leading to a beach

To simulate that car-free, Seaside lifestyle, park your car and explore. If you prefer biking, rentals are available through the Seaside Transit Authority.

Below are a few noteworthy stops, for your stroll around town.

Lobster Claw Desserts in a white bin

Seaside Farmers Market
On Saturdays, The Seaside Farmers Market is set up along the palm-lined sidewalks near the amphitheater. The market sells a variety of items like fresh farm eggs, cave butter, kombucha, raw fruit juice, European pastries, warm curry, and gyros. Chefs prepare fresh dishes and one vendor even provides healthy dog treats. I highly recommend visiting the Crusty Artisan Bakery booth to try their lobster claw pastry, a croissant made with pistachios and cannoli filling. It’s ridiculously good.

Dog treats for sale at a farmer's market

Central Square Records
Don’t miss Central Square Records, this eclectic music store sells vinyl records, t-shirts, and novelty items. With a great vibe, background music and a balcony that overlooks the square, it is a great spot to kill some time and find your next jam.

Sundog Books
Located on the floor below Central Square Records is the Sundog Books Skim through their bookshelves to find a novel that suits your taste. They carry everything from sci-fi to historical fiction, novellas, and modern memoirs. Your next beach read is waiting.Row of light colored apartments

Ruskin Place
Ruskin Place is an artist village with a beautiful, cozy park, exquisitely designed buildings, and several galleries. This was the setting for the business district in The Truman Show. Bring a blanket and some snacks to enjoy a relaxing picnic while you soak up the sun.

Grocery Store Modica Market Fresh produce in a display case

Modica Market
Seaside’s first market started in 1989 and it has provided the town with a great selection of produce, cheeses, wines, deli foods, and southern cuisine. Modica Market is a great place to explore culinary delights. Be sure to check out the cakes in the bakery section and the giant Jim Carey poster.

Large steps leading down to the beach in Seaside, FL

Coleman Pavilion
Nine uniquely designed walkover pavilions lead to the Seaside Beach. The only pavilion that is open to the public is the iconic Coleman Pavilion. This pavilion connects the boardwalk and the town to the beach below the dunes. The design is reminiscent of a pyramid. Along the boardwalk sits restaurants and shops, including the famous Bud and Alley’s It’s a great place to watch the sunset on the deck overlooking the beach while sampling some great seafood.

Air stream trailers turned into food trucks

Airstream Food Trucks
Just across the street from the boardwalk and beach, between shaded trees and string lights, sit a row of food trucks housed in classic Airstream trailers. Barefoot Barbecue, The Meltdown on 30A, and Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs are some of the tasty choices.

The Truman Show House

The Truman House
This house is where Jim Carey’s character in the film, The Truman Show, waves and greets the world with the words “In case I don’t see ya: good afternoon, good evening, and good night.” It sits on a beautiful brick street with a small sign depicting its fame. You might even miss it if you’re not looking for it.

With plenty of choices to step into, Seaside is a perfect retreat for the eco-minded traveler. Plenty of culture, sunlight, delicious food and beautiful architectural sights await you.




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