Visiting the Fort Worth Stockyards With Kids

Have you ever seen a real cattle drive?  Of Longhorns?  Through the streets of the fourth largest metroplex in the United States?  Let me tell you, it’s worth seeing in Fort Worth with kids.  Every day (weather permitting) there are two cattle drives in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.  These 15  longhorns each represent a decade in Fort Worth’s history.

The Fort Worth Stockyards is a destination worthy of a trip of its own.  An important historical cornerstone, Fort Worth — often called Cowtown — is known for cowboys and the animals they transported to market.  The Stockyards today still contain the rodeo arena where one of the premier stock shows and rodeos in the state is held each spring, but there is another world to be discovered as well!

In addition to streets of specialty shops with world class shopping opportunities, there are restaurants that specialize in the famous local barbeque (you have to try the ribs) as well as steakhouses (don’t leave without getting a T-bone).  There is a cattle pen maze that’s fun for tweens, a petting zoo that’s great for the younger ones, and the famous Billy Bob’s which is a parent paradise.  You’ll also find the Stockyards Museum, the Cowboy Hall of Fame, and the Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame — and that’s just getting started!

There is a Visitor’s Center right in the middle of the Stockyards.  The representatives are friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable.  They can help you customize your visit to find attractions and restaurants that fit your family’s needs.  The last time we visited, everyone (adults included) received sheriff stars to wear.  There are clean restrooms available, which is always a plus when traveling with children. The building is also heated and cooled — a beautiful haven in frigid January or sweltering July.

One of the favorite activities on our last trip was the opportunity to climb atop a huge longhorn for pictures.  Both of the girls insisted and it was a lot of fun.  There was a nominal fee and we were allowed to take as many pictures as we wanted.

Riding a Longhorn at Fort Worth Stockyards.
Riding a Longhorn at Fort Worth Stockyards.

You will absolutely wear yourself out with all of the fun at the Stockyards and you won’t have time to see it all.  Relax a few miles away at Hilton Fort Worth.  Steeped in history, it is elegant but family friendly.  The rooms are spacious, the dining excellent, and the hotel is convenient to many key locations throughout the metroplex.

Ride off into the sunset in Fort Worth, Texas as you create fun memories in the Old West!

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