The Dos and Don’ts for Visiting Bimini, Bahamas with Kids

Visitors seeking to visit the Bahamas can now travel directly to Bimini from Florida via air or sea. We spent five glorious days in Bimini, Bahamas at the new Hilton at Resorts World Bimini. Here are a few tips we garnered while visiting Bimini:

Before Your Trip

DON’T forget your passports. Even though Bimini is only 50 miles from Miami, it is a foreign country. Another stamp in the passport!

DON’T worry about packing electric converters for your electronic devices. The electrical outlets in the Bahamas are the same as in the United States.

DO bring your own snorkeling equipment if you plan to snorkel more than once during your trip. That way, you won’t have to rent it multiple times or waste time adjusting equipment to fit your body (or your child’s) during an excursion. We bought ours in Miami before visiting Bimini.

During Your Stay
Upon arrival at Hilton Bimini, DO ask for a schedule of events to learn the hours of the stores and restaurants and the tram schedule.

If you want to book an excursion, DO book it early during your stay. Assess the weather and discuss options with the outfitter. They will have a better idea of what trips will be possible on what days. Also, during high season, the excursions are likely to fill up quickly, so book early in the week.

When visiting the on-property beach, DO ask all of the beach vendors their prices to find who has the lowest price. We didn’t realize there were competing vendors and discovered later that we paid $5 above the lowest bid for a paddle board rental.

Tips for Visiting Bimini Bahamas with kids
Here’s a great tip for visiting Bimini, Bahamas with kids: Ask around to get the best prices on beach toys.

DO manage your cash wisely. Some vendors take only cash, and there are only two or three ATM machines on the island. Please note that Bahamian dollars and American dollars are used interchangeably on the island.

DO keep in mind that “Island Time” is definitely a mindset of the people of Bimini. Stores may open later than posted, or be closed without explanation. Times given can be an approximation. Remember that you’re on vacation, and try to take it in (Bahamian) stride.

DO try conch (fritters, cracked conch or conch salad) and Bimini bread, two of the island’s specialties, at least once during your stay. We had some every day!

Tips for Visiting Bimini Bahamas with kids
While on the island of Bimini, visitors should try a conch dish like this delicious “cracked conch.”

When dining out, DO check your receipt carefully: gratuity may have already been included.

Lastly, DON’T miss the opportunity to explore Bimini beyond the resort. It will be a learning experience for all to see true Bahamian life. Resort World offers free tram rides hourly into to Alicetown, where tourists can visit the Straw Market, the Bimini Museum and the ruins of the famed Compleat Angler, the bar that Ernest Hemingway was known to frequent.

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