Sunsets and Sea’s: Visit Saudi Arabia

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an ever-growing destination for travel and tourism.

Visitors come from various international origins seeking a trip to Saudi Arabia for leisure or often for corporate visits. Among the most popular cities are Jeddah, Madinah and Makkah; they are the cities that never sleep with all of the hustle and activities readily available!

With so much to do in Saudi Arabia – here are a few of my favorite spots to help inspire you!

For general tourism and delightful Cuisine


Located to the south of Madinah on the Red Sea’s coastline is the city of Jeddah. Jeddah has numerous international and local cuisines in the heart of the city. It is well known that locals from nearby cities will come to Jeddah specifically to enjoy the international and local culinary experience.

I highly recommend staying at the Jeddah Hilton for the best views of the Red Sea (it is marvelous at sunrise and sunset!). There is also the Qasr Al Sharq – the Waldorf Astoria Jeddah with views of the sea and an elegant design throughout the property.

For pilgrims and those visiting the holy sites for their pilgrimage:


Madinah has a very unique history and culture! One of the top places for pilgrims to visit in the area is Masjid e nabwi (also known as The Prophet’s Mosque). It is one of the holiest sites in Islam, and it is the second largest mosque in the world. It also looks especially spectacular during sunset and sunrise!

Also located in Madinah is Mount Uhud, the site of a historical battle. Upon taking great care to learn the details of the battle and the historical importance of following orders – take a few moments to appreciate the view at the top of the mountain. Pilgrims visiting Mount Uhud can see the beautiful valley of Madinah covered with date palm trees. The palm trees turn the city into a lush garden in the desert.


While in Makkah, my top recommendation for pilgrims is to visit the Holy Haram and nearby Jabal Omar (Mount Omar). The Holy Haram is a sacred land recognized across the world! It is the holiest mosque in the world and can accommodate up to 820,000 worshippers.

While staying in Makkah, I highly recommend the Hilton Suites Makkah. It is in in the heart of the valley on Jabal Omar overlooking the Holy Haram with a spectacular view of the city.

Do you have a trip planned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Have you been before, and are there any favorite places I missed? Tweet us @HiltonSuggests for more recommendations and to share your favorite travel spots!


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