A Tropical Paradise in Nungwi, Zanzibar

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  • blue pool. palm trees, white buildings with gray roofs, blue umbrellas, blue and white beach chairs

  • palm trees, brown sand, sunset, fluffy clouds

  • tan sand, brown star fish, spotted seashell

  • brown, green sea turtles, brown rock, clear water

  • white buildings, gray roof, blue pools, palm trees, beach side with clear waters

  • small gray buildings, traditional clothing, bright colored paintings

  • 3 men dressed in traditional clothing, tan sand, blue skies, clear water

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  • three people, visiting the Double Tree Resort

Imagine an assortment of blue hues, dramatic sunsets, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

Located north of the island, Nungwi is the second biggest town in Zanzibar and renowned for its luxurious resorts & palm-fringed beaches. Visitors are treated with an abundance of restaurants, serving themed buffet dinners, striking cocktails and live entertainment.

As you sink into the warm, translucent waters of Zanzibar, you’ll realize that you’ve found a piece of aquatic paradise. Beyond the perfectly arranged sunbeds, you’ll soon discover that there’s more to Nungwi than initially meets the eye.

Ask one of the locals where you can rent a traditional dhow boat to enjoy sailing on a day trip to Mnemba Island; these rentals are usually around $40 and include equipment. Dhows are traditional Arabian fishing boats and can be found anchored along Nungwi’s beaches with locals selling trips to visitors on the beach. The waters of Zanzibar are teeming with tropical marine life and snorkeling is the best way to experience this captivating aquatic marvel.

Most resorts in this area offer guided village tours, I highly suggest taking a tour to see the authentic aspects of local life in the community. The village tour includes visits to the market, mosques, and schools, and you can even watch men building dhow boats.

Paintings of traditional scenery, wood carved souvenirs and African clothing are widely available in the village as well as on the beach and make the perfect souvenir for loved ones back home.

Ever thought of seeing the Maasai tribe of Tanzania? Well, these friendly, tall warriors, draped in red togas can be seen daily walking the beaches and posing for photos with visitors.

Another unique feature of Nungwi is the Mnarani Natural Aquarium where injured sea turtles are being rehabilitated until they can be released back into the wild. The annual turtle release occurs February 20 on Nungwi beach. A 45-minute stroll down the beach will take you to nearby Kendwa Beach, which is also very popular with visitors and it’s a perfect spot for swimming.

Explore outside of your resort, the combination of spectacular scenery and delectable cuisine which is proof of why Nungwi is a holiday and honeymoon paradise.

Nungwi’s bustling beach restaurants and cafes are the perfect spots to watch the amber-hued sunset over the blue waters of Zanzibar. Gerry’s Bar has a cozy atmosphere and serves the best cocktails with live entertainment. Le Macis is currently one of the top restaurants in Nungwi. Their tapas and casual atmosphere make this spot perfect for couples visiting the island.

Insider’s Tips: There is no ATM available in Nungwi. Ask the hotel reception for foreign exchange or bring sufficient cash along. Dress modestly to respect the local culture when entering the village.

The beautiful scenery and Nungwi’s resorts are the definitions of luxury, and they don’t have to break the bank. Need a picturesque and relaxing holiday? Zanzibar is the answer!


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