How to Eat Like a Texan

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Whether you spell it barbecue, barbeque or BBQ, Houston has the perfect meal for you! From savory to sweet, mild to spicy, Houston’s barbeque joints will have you eating like a Texan in no time. So grab your napkins, it’s time to eat!

For an authentic hometown experience, Luling City Market’s serves delicious cuts of meat on flat butcher paper with flavors to fill the bill. Reminiscent of Central Texas meat markets, Luling City Market serves barbeque brisket, ribs and turkey in a rustic atmosphere. Saucy Secret: This mustard-based barbeque sauce with a special blend of ketchup, vinegar and cracked pepper tastes just as good on breakfast eggs as it does on smoked meats.

If you’re looking for smoky, juicy barbeque meats, Goode Co. has just the menu for you. With brisket, ribs, chicken, ham, and duck smoked over Texas mesquite, it’s a meat-lovers paradise. Throw in a thick slice of cheesy jalapeño bread and settle in for some good Texas eating. Saucy Secret: Texas honey adds just the right amount of sweet to this slightly spicy barbeque sauce.

Nationally-acclaimed Killen’s Texas Barbecue combines the down-home taste of a barbeque cook-off with the upscale flair of a fine dining chef. This flavorful meal is worth waiting in line for. Brisket, ribs, pork and sausage pair with the creamiest creamed corn you’ve ever eaten, for a Texas taste sensation you’ll want to write home about. Saucy Secret: Three sauces are available on every table; sweet, tangy and coffee. The tangy version is all Texas, with its surprise dash of chili pepper, but the coffee version is the one to choose if you have beef on your plate.

For true old-fashioned Texas barbeque, a must on your dining list is the historic 70-year-old Pizzitola’s Bar-B-Cue. The unique east Texas hickory-smoked flavor of their juicy spare ribs and melt-in-your mouth brisket comes from cooking over the only open brick pits allowed within the city limits of Houston.  Saucy Secret: The perfect balance between tangy and sweet, this ketchup-based sauce is best used sparingly so as to not hide the smoky-goodness of the meats.

Demeris Bar-B-Q serves up hickory-smoked meats with a Greek-influence. This family-owned restaurant, famous for its brisket and sausage, is also known for its authentic Greek salads, making for an unlikely yet tasty combination with the Texas smoked meats. Saucy Secret: The second-generation sauce now served is on the sweet side with a kick.

If it’s down-home family cooking you’re looking for, look no further than Otto’s Barbecue and Hamburgers. Otto’s, long known as a favorite spot for celebrity sightings, proudly displays autographed photos of some of their most loyal customers, including former President George H. W. Bush. Even if no celebrity is in sight, you still must try the Brisket Tacos, and savor the flavor combinations of hickory-smoked chopped brisket served Tex-Mex style. Saucy Secret: Handed down through three generations, Otto’s sauce recipe leans toward tangy and is perfect on the brisket. If you’re having the ribs, try them sans-sauce to truly savor the flavors of the meat’s marinade.

Trying to stick to a vegetarian menu? Not a problem when you dine at many of Houston’s barbeque restaurants. Choose from entrees and side dishes including veggie burgers, mac & cheese, roast portabellas or baked potatoes big enough to cover your plate.

Barbeque isn’t the only thing for dinner at many Houston barbeque restaurants.  Harris County Smokehouse offers Texas-size breakfast all day, every day, with items ranging from eggs, hash browns and biscuits to pork chops, catfish, and chorizo. For something a little sweeter, try the made-from-scratch Pecan French Toast. Sprinkled with Texas pecans, dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of sweet delicious syrup, you’ll wonder how you ever started a day without it.

No tour of Houston area barbeque joints would be complete without a stop at Buc-cees. For those not familiar with this Texas-sized institution, we’re talking about the ultimate roadside stop when driving across Texas. The famed Buc-cees billboards stretch out 100 miles, reminiscent of the old-time Burma Shave signs. But these humorous signs are about clean bathrooms. The cleanest bathrooms you’ve ever seen. Seriously. While stopped at your roadside pit stop, make sure you grab a Buc-cess barbeque beef sandwich to-go. You can’t get back on the road without one of these melt-in-your-mouth delicious meals-in-a-wrapper… and a giant soft drink in a Buc-cee Beaver cup… and a bag of Beaver Nuggets. Well, maybe two bags. And then, you’re ready to hit the road, Texas-style.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can always eat like a Texan when you choose barbeque!

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Know Before You Go

  • Houston is known for its haunted sites. Allen’s Landing is especially popular since it dates to 1836 and is the birthplace of Houston’s business district.
  • One of Houston’s most remarkable features is the Downtown Tunnels, where you can find a long path of restaurants and places to shop.
  • The Houston Museum of Natural Science is an excellent place for entertainment. Don’t skip a stop at the Butterfly Center!

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