Tour through France’s Famous Wine Region, Alsace

  • Tall, tan buildings along Riquewhir Street

  • A street filled with large, tan, vintage buildings side by side

  • tall tan building with large clock, white vintage building with brown shutters

  • large fountain with vintage white building with brown shutters in the background

  • white, vintage building with brown shutters surrounded by small tables with umbrellas

  • fountain, courtyard, vintage white building with brown shutters

  • Two tan, vintage buildings with dark brown shutters

  • brown wine holders with dark glass bottles hanging upside

Alsace is a historical wine region in the north-eastern part of France, close to the German border. Alsace is famous for its prosperous vineyards, beautiful little villages and of course, amazing wines.

The region’s capital is Strasbourg, particularly known as the home of several European institutions, monuments, and historic walks. While visiting, I recommend seeing one of the most beautiful monuments of Western architecture, the Strasbourg Cathedral and taking an atmospheric walk at Strasbourg’s historic center, the Quartier des Tanneurs. These monuments will submerge you in local culture and history.

Next take a one hour drive on the A352 motorway, to your next destinations, the beautiful villages, Ribeauville and Riquewhir. Both villages are located between a very picturesque scene of rolling mountains and vineyards. These villages are within a few minutes of driving distance from one another, the village centers are bright and very colorful, feature medieval houses, ancient walls, and cozy little streets.

The villages have numerous cafes and restaurants where you can taste local food and sip delicious wine, of course.

Once you’ve finished your historic walk around these amazing little villages, I suggest visiting the Winstub La Flammerie French restaurant. During our visit, we had a three-course menu with local wines. After lunch, we shopped around for some souvenirs and local wines to take home as gifts. Visit the local park to enjoy some rest before you set off to the next location, a village named Riquewihr.

While exploring Riquewihr, take a walk around and learn about the village’s history, which dates back to Roman times. All information is available on the Tourist Office website, which includes a full listing of the town, nearby castles, and many interesting historical facts. It is located at the corner of Rue de la 1E Amee and Rue du General de Gaulle. The walk only takes an hour or two at your leisure.

If you’re a fan of Beauty and the Beast, this beautiful local scene will be very familiar to you. These villages inspired the creators of the classic animated film and many of the elements are sprinkled throughout the village, like the fountain in Ribeauville.

Your last destination for the day should be Colmar, whose ancient town center is crossed by romantic lanes and canals. The town is an architectural goldmine of gothic, renaissance, and baroque mansions and churches. Plan ahead and book the canal tours, walk to La Petit Venise for a photo and visit the Cathedral de Saint-Martin in the middle of the town.

Enjoy the beauty of the scenery as you soak in all of the history and architecture while sipping your favorite local wine. Submerge yourself in ancient villages and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


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