5 Wardrobe Tips for Traveling Light

“He who would travel happily must travel light.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The lighter I travel, the happier I feel. It has taken me several years to get to this realization but it’s so true! The fear of leaving things behind or not having everything that I “might” need was so overwhelming to me that I would almost always over pack and then end up not wearing half of the items in my suitcase. Here are some of my favorite tips for minimizing your wardrobe stress by traveling light.

Travel Packing Tips: How to Choose Travel Clothes for Women

1. Choose Your Clothing Fabrics Carefully
Believe it or not, the type of fabric that you select can greatly effect the amount of available space in your suitcase and the amount of stress. When selecting clothing consider things like: weight, quality, thickness, and how easily the items will wrinkle. Choose items that are made well and stand up to the test of time. Look for clothes that fold or roll easily; wrinkle-free fabric is always a huge factor for me. For beach trips, material that dries quickly is always a plus.

I also prefer low maintenance fabrics. Avoid material that shows stains easily or attracts lint. Selecting quality fabrics that wash easily also comes in really handy should you need hand wash them in the hotel sink.

2. Build Your Wardrobe Around the Basics
One way to really simplify your travel wardrobe is to select pieces that all compliment each other. For example, I like to bring a nice skirt that can be paired with a simple blouse during the day and can easily be dressed up with a light jacket at night. Selecting clothing that can hold its own in both casual and dressy situations is a great way to pack the minimum and still get the most out of your wardrobe. If you can actually tie this all together with one or two pairs of shoes, that’s a huge travel packing win!

3. Coordinate Your Color Palette
Speaking of basics, I recommend starting with a basic color to build your travel outfits around. For business trips I tend to choose black, but I might lean more towards whites and brights for a Caribbean beach vacation. The key here is to have compatible clothing options so that selecting your outfits each day will be much easier because everything is interchangeable. If you will need heavier items like jackets or coats, then try to select one item that matches everything. Pieces like this are space hogs in your luggage so minimizing the number of large items is important.

4. Plan Your Travel Outfit
One of my favorite tips for packing light is to wear your bulkiest items on travel days. That must-have pair of boots is a killer on suitcase space. By wearing your favorite jacket, you not only free up some luggage space, you also have it with you in case you get chilly on your flight.

5. Stay Calm and Pack with a Purpose
We’ve all been there. One minute your packing plans are coming along nicely, and the next thing you know you’re jumping up and down on a suitcase trying to jam everything in. It’s those last minute “what ifs?” that will foil your successful travel packing.

Start by making a list, and then as you are adding each item to your suitcase, define its purpose. If you are bringing it “just in case,” then it is most likely an item that you can live without. Don’t forget, most destinations have gift shops, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to purchase a new item should you need something. If you pack too many items that don’t serve a real purpose or need on your trip, it can throw you off track and quickly put you in the frazzled and over-packed category. So stick to your guns: you got this!

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5 Travel Packing Tips for Traveling Light | Best Travel Clothes for Women

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