Keeping Kids Entertained While Traveling (Without Electronics!)

Traveling with kids can be such a joy. It can also be chaotic. While electronics can be so entertaining, sometimes the very best part about a vacation is the simple process of getting “unplugged.” That can be easier said than done, but I have found that it’s actually quite simple if you head in with a plan. To keep the chaos to a minimum, and maximize on the joy, here are a few fun tips that I have found to be both successful and rewarding electronic-free ways to enjoy the journey to the destination.

5 Fun Travel Activities for Kids

The Travel Bag
Allow each child to carry on and be responsible for their own carry-on travel bag. This works great for both car and airplane travel. I prefer backpacks for this because they are so much easier to handle at those times when you might need to rush through an airport or squeeze down a crowded aisle. Our favorite travel bag items include: books, a deck of cards (flash cards work great!), pens and pencils, blank paper and any other small items that might help to keep them entertained in small spaces.

Magazine Hide and Go Seek
Sometimes your best laid plans fail and you are left with a shortage of entertainment and ideas. Never fear, Mom or Dad! Usually you can find a magazine within reach. Make a list of items and see if your child can hunt them down in the magazine.

Keep a Travel Journal
Provide each child with their own travel journal. This can be as simple as a spiral notepad or as elaborate as a leather-bound book. Encourage them to journal about their travel adventures and favorite moments. This will end up being a wonderful keepsake and may even become a fun way to share their travel stories with classmates and friends.

Time Zone Trivia
Using a map of the United States (either printed off the internet before you leave home OR you can usually find one in the provided airline magazine), have your child write the current time in each of the time zones around the world. Talk about what would those people be doing right now. Who is eating breakfast and which countries are getting ready for bed?

Fill Up the Alphabet
Write letters A through Z on a sheet of paper. Challenge your child to find ONE thing to represent each letter. This can be “one thing inside the airplane” or “one thing that you can see from the car,” etc. You can adjust the skill level of this game to the age of the child.

There will always be parts of a trip that are stressful, so the key is to keep little minds busy and entertained so that everyone can enjoy the journey as you move towards your destination.

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