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If there was only one word to describe appeal of social media, it would be “inspiration.” Apps such as Instagram have become part of our daily routine because they are, in essence, a window to another world. This has allowed our imaginations to soar as we scroll through visions of distant cities and extravagant lifestyles on our phones.

The most evocative social media accounts go beyond the concept of “sharing” to embrace the principles of narrative- whether that narrative captures a hotel guest’s experience, a fashionista’s emergence as the next big trendsetter, or a city’s ebb and flow.

New York City is the epicenter of the world, and we also have some of the most compelling social media accounts. Open your Instagram app and check out these recommendations of the top 5 social media accounts you should follow for a daily glimpse at New York City.

For the urban explorer: @misshattan
You can expect images of the city skyline taken from dizzying heights, reflections of NYC’s live music scene, and the personal adventures of Natalie Amrossi, otherwise known as “Misshattan.”

For your daily art & culture dose: @metmuseum
Through social media, The Metropolitan Museum of Art shares its art and collections with fans from all over the world.

For a collaborative perspective from all over NYC: @newyork_instagram
This account strictly posts “regrams,” which means they only upload images that other users have captured and tagged around New York City. This feed is full of photos from all different areas of New York and different perspectives- definitely worth a look.

For the dog lover: @thedogist
Dogs on leashes, dogs in costumes, dogs in Central Park, and sometimes all three. @thedogist feed features photos of dogs living in New York City every day as part of a photo-documentary series.

For the hotelier: @waldorfnyc
Instagram offers a sneak peek into all things Waldorf, from the hotel’s rooftop garden to its stunning historic suites.

There is no shortage of amazing visuals in New York City, where the creative class thrives.

What are your favorite social media accounts to follow? Let us know in the comments section below!

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