Top 5 Cafés in Doha for Tea Time Like a Local

Doha is the capital of Qatar, where tradition meets a growing and modernizing population. Foreign workers count for about 88% of the population, and thus, Qataris are considered a minority in their own country. Expats and tourists live and work with locals, who have a beautiful way of walking proud and tall in their elegant thobes and abayas. Here are the top 5 cafés in Doha where local Qataris enjoy tea time.

Casper and Gambini’s
This café is in Mirqab Mall and is easily accessible in the city center. Try the soothing pain perdu with a simple latte, although there are also many types of coffee. Pain perdu is a brioche sliced bread soaked in milk, cooked crispy on the outside with a thin layer of caramel, and topped with vanilla ice cream. This dessert is a favorite among locals.

This café is in Katara Cultural Village and is frequented by the locals. Enjoy the strawberry mille-feuille cake and a green tea with jasmine leaves. There is a very cozy seating area available on the terrace and an intriguing atmosphere in the café from the lighting and the fact that it is situated right next to an amphitheater built in a unique classical Greek style mixed with Islamic features. The smell of chocolate is everywhere, and the food is presented on dainty porcelain plates and glasses. Pots of traditional Arabic coffee are also available, making it an excellent place to lounge and people watch.

The Dromedary Club
Locals who have a passion for leather and bikes are drawn to this café, which also serves as a leather workshop with beautifully crafted leather items on display. Interestingly, it also serves as a barber! There are activities on a daily basis including movie nights, leather crafting workshops, coffee workshops, and even pet-friendly events such as fundraisers with QAWS. For those who have pets, the club will allow you to bring along your furry friends on Fridays and Saturdays at certain times. Try special TWG Tea – Blend No. 21. It has a very soothing aroma, which mixes well with the smell of leather.

Halo is a bakeshop specializing in dough. You will notice straight away how popular the café is with the locals, as there is often a line out the door. There are usually groups of teens enjoying beautifully presented desserts. I recommend the hazelnut chocolate cronut and the pistachio and milk frozen cake. The desserts are classics with a local touch!

Aimee’s Café
Aimee’s Café is in Doha Festival City, which is also home to the country’s only IKEA. This café is one of the most popular due to their all-day breakfast menu and desserts. Because the country has such high temperatures, most people are accustomed to going out later during the day when it’s cooler, and breakfast items are always popular. Try the stuffed French toast which is a homemade brioche stuffed with chocolate cream and served with ice cream. Otherwise, if you prefer a beverage, try the passionfruit smoothie, which has a blend of passionfruit and yogurt that is extremely refreshing.

Visit these cafés during tea time and dress smart casual. These are popular places to meet up with friends, and the desserts have a local flair to suit their palate. Doha is a desert climate with an average temperature of above 100°F during the hot season, which lasts for almost 5 months. Cafes are a crucial escape from the heat. This also accounts for the many malls and ever-growing number of entertainment options. At the same time, cafés provide a more relaxed setting in this conservative society and are becoming increasingly popular with the younger generation. Doha is a fantastic destination with more and more cafés opening every day and new trends to keep up with.

Know Before You Go
Make the most of your trip to Doha with these helpful tips!

  • Dress “smart casual” when visiting the cafes in the area.
  • Get a later start for breakfast when the temperature is cooler.
  • Arabic coffee traditionally is boiled instead of brewed through a filter. It is typically served unsweetened and contains added spices such as cardamom, cloves, and saffron.
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