The Two Quintessential Chicago Foods

  • Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza

  • Close up Chicago style pizza

  • Chicago Hot dogs with a twist

Chicago is known by many names; the Windy City, the Second City, or the City of Big Shoulders. Beyond our playful names, Chicago offers visitors a big-city feel with a warm, Midwest welcome. What’s more welcoming than a full stomach? Here are two of the most quintessential Chicago foods and my top picks on where you can get your hands on them:

Deep Dish Pizza

If this isn’t the most quintessential Chicago food, I don’t know what is.

You can easily find Giordano’s throughout the city since they have several locations. The sauce, cheese & crust ratio is perfect!

Gino’s East (on Superior) – @GinosEast
This is a great spot for deep-dish and has a super Chicago feel. Make your mark and write on the walls to commemorate your first REAL (doesn’t count if it’s not from Chicago) deep-dish pizza.

Lou Malnati’s@LouMalnatis
If you are a sausage-pizza eater this is the pizza place for you! Order the Malnati Chicago Classic – you won’t be complaining about not having enough sausage because the sausage patty (instead of crumbles) guarantees you a meaty bite.

The Chicago Dog

Yeah, yeah, yeah…every city has their version of how a proper hot dog should be dressed. Call me a little biased, but Chicago dogs are truly the best. Who can argue with a poppy seed bun, bright green relish, mustard, onions, a pickle spear, sliced tomatoes, celery salt, and sport peppers for those who like a kick. If you must have ketchup, don’t let anyone see you.

A Chicago staple offering some of the best Chicago style dogs (and Italian Beef) in the city. Don’t miss their golden delicious, crinkle-cut fries or their famous Chocolate Cake.

Superdawg Drive-In@Superdawg
Ok, this place might not have the traditional Chicago dog, but this is definitely worth the trek. All dogs, buns & crinkle-cut fries are made exclusively for Superdawg. Instead of the traditional accouterments, Superdawg dresses their dogs in onions, bright green relish, mustard, a crisp pickle spear and piccalilli (a pickled green tomato).

While there are countless restaurants to satiate the pickiest, or even the most sophisticated, palates, there is no argument that Chicago has some quintessential dishes that you must try while visiting.

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Close up Chicago style pizza

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