The Last Stop on the North Jordan Tour

  • Jerash Roman Collonades

  • Picture of Qal’ at-Ar-Rabad in Ajloun Forest

  • Cabin found in Ajloun Nature Reserve

For our final stop on this tour of Jordan, we’re going to head north! The northern parts of the country is much more about relaxation, admiring isolated cities of long ago, and observing the tranquility of the countryside.

I have two favorite areas to the north, Ajloun and Jerash:


For a breeze of fresh air and wonderful scenery, Ajloun is my favored destination. Driving North from Amman to Ajloun, you will pass by great landscapes, mountains and tons of olive trees!

Ajloun is well known for its ancient castle, Qal’ at-Ar-Rabad, built in the 12th century as a military watch-post protecting trade routes. The Nature Reserve next door is also well known for its open woodlands of Oak and Pistachio trees.


Previously known as Gerasa, one of the Roman Empire’s Decapolis, Jerash is on of the most well preserved Roman towns (outside of those in Italy, of course!).

Start your tour of Jerash by counting the columns as you walk through colonnaded streets. Then, enjoy the hilltop temples, handsome theaters, spacious public squares and plazas, baths, fountains and city walls pierced by towers and gates.

If visiting in summer, don’t miss the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts – an exciting celebration of both Jordanian and international culture. There are several small shops open during the festival, selling a variety of traditional jewelry, crafts, handmade art and antiques.

A last stop before leaving, explore the Jerash Archeaological Museum. It contains artifacts found throughout the city of Jerash such as mosaics and coins. The museum is a quick excursion seeing as that it is a much smaller museum; it won’t take more than a few minutes to see everything.

After a day of sightseeing in Jerash, replenish at one of the many Arabic restaurants, all of which have nice indoor and outdoor seating areas. I recommend “Um Khalil’s Restaurant” and old villa that has been renovated into a restaurant. It is also commonly called the “Lebanese House” where you can try the best Levant food!

With each region of Jordan, there are unique attractions and local flair! These have been a handful of my favorite places, but I always love to hear where else our visitors enjoy! Be sure to tweet us @HiltonSuggests with your favorites or for more recommendations in Jordan. We hope to see you soon in the Hashemite Kingdom!



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Jerash Roman Collonades

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