Come see the Texas Bluebonnets, Y’all!

What’s blue and red and green all over? That would be the current colors of the great state of Texas! Bluebonnet season is in full bloom here, and mixed with the reds of the Indian paintbrush in a lush field of green grass, there isn’t a prettier landscape to be found.

When & Where to Find Texas Bluebonnet Fields
Bluebonnets bloom from mid-March to mid-April. While they bloom all over the state, the best places to find bluebonnet fields are central Texas and the Hill Country: Dallas-Ft. Worth to Houston to San Antonio basically. Sadly, bluebonnets have a short season and are usually fading away by the beginning of May.

You can certainly see bluebonnets driving along the interstates between our major cities, but taking detours on some highways or farm-to-market roads could yield some even better scenery. A rolling field with a herd of cattle, barbed wire fences, and bluebonnets will make for a quintessential photograph of your Texas trip. A personal favorite drive for bluebonnets is Highway 281 between Hamilton County and San Antonio. This drive, from the rolling plains to the Hill Country, will almost certainly reward you with some stunning views.

Taking Bluebonnet Pictures with Kids

Texas Bluebonnet Fields & Tips to Take Bluebonnet Pictures with Kids
Head to the Texas bluebonnet fields to take gorgeous bluebonnet pictures with kids!

Texan parents love to commemorate the annual blooms by putting their kids in the middle of bluebonnets and taking pictures; said kids have generally learned to dread these photo sessions. Here are a few tips to make it easier on everyone and hopefully get a great shot:

  • Have your subject(s) sit down in the bluebonnet field. Take a towel to sit on if you’re concerned about grass stains.
  • Photograph on eye-level with the kids and flowers.
  • Take pictures later in the afternoon or early evening for softer lighting and to avoid squinting in the pictures.
  • Pay attention to your background! While endless bluebonnets, trees, or a barbed wire fence make a nice background, a highway overpass does not.
  • Remember: safety first! Make sure you are well out of traffic, parked in a safe area, and not trespassing for these roadside pictures.
  • If you are looking for more natural settings than a roadside picture allows, consider visiting some of the state parks in Texas. Entrance fees are quite modest. Hike the many trails to find bluebonnets in abundance at many of the parks right now.

Finally, while it’s only a myth that picking bluebonnets is illegal, it is best to leave them alone for others to enjoy and for the seeds to be around for the next annual bloom.

In season, tulips are the flower to see in Holland and cherry blossoms greet you in D.C.; just as beautiful, the Texas bluebonnets are primed and ready to welcome you. Y’all come visit soon!

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