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As the second part of our two part series on Dublin, I’m going to focus on the food and drinks in Dublin. We had so much fun exploring the food scene in Dublin, and you have to love a city where a Guinness is socially acceptable at any hour.


Bewleys: An institution known for Irish breakfast, we ate here and were full all day. An Irish breakfast is toast, sausage, ham, tomato, mushroom, eggs, baked beans, hash browns, white pudding, and black pudding. Yeah. It runs you about 10 euros, which is ridiculously cheap. I never made it through more than half of one, so I recommend splitting it. The black and white pudding was pretty good as long as you weren’t thinking too hard about what’s in them. Black pudding is a grainy blood sausage made from oatmeal and pork blood; white pudding is pork sausage and oatmeal. Most Irish people have tea with their breakfast, but Bewleys served an excellent cup of café Americano that I recommend for those of us who need something a little stronger in the AM.

O’Neills Bar & Restaurant: We ate fish and chips & corned beef here, but unfortunately the rooftop beer garden was closed. It’s a great place to people watch, and the food is fantastically Irish. Centrally located so you can walk around after dinner to soak up some of Dublin’s nightlife.

Chapter One: The only Michelin starred restaurant in Dublin, this is a splurge but so worth it. We did the chef’s tasting menu with wine pairing, and I’ve rarely eaten so well. The service is fantastic, and the environment is relaxed chic. Every single dish built on the previous, ending in a dessert that is indescribable but I’ll try: panna cotta with candied whisky balls that burst in your mouth when the sugar dissolved. They were made with liquid nitrogen, and I never have nor ever will have an experience like it again.


Jameson Distillery: The Jameson Whiskey tour is a must-do. Ask a lot of questions; at the end, they pick 8 or so volunteers for a special tasting of different types of whiskey. I was selected, and have to say they sold me on Irish whiskey over bourbon.

Guinness Factory: More museum than bar, the Guinness Factory is 7 floors of the history of Guinness. My personal favorite section was the history on Guinness’ marketing, but my husband really loved being certified to pour the perfect Guinness pint. You could spend several hours here if you’re interested in beer, but the best part of the day was going to the top bar where you could enjoy the iconic brew while looking over Dublin.

The Brazen Head: The Brazen Head is officially Ireland’s oldest pub, dating to 1198. It’s a great place to grab a drink (but I don’t recommend the food).

Hopefully you can make it Dublin soon for an adventure of your own. If you’re visiting Dublin, try the Morrison, a DoubleTree by Hilton property. It’s a wonderful modern hotel nestled in the heart of the city.

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