San Francisco Travel Tips

Are you planning a trip to San Francisco with your family? Here are my best San Francisco travel tips:

Pack for Cool and Changing Weather
With average highs that barely hit 70° and lows around 50°, you will need to pack for chilly and changing weather. July and August, which are often the warmest months in other parts of the country, are comfortably cool in San Francisco because of the dry, foggy weather. Nights and early mornings are particularly chilly so bring coats that will keep you warm enough (not just your lightweight rain jacket). I also suggest a good tote bag to carry with you during the day as your family sheds its outer layers.

Bring Comfortable Walking Shoes
San Francisco is a great walking city, but the streets are hilly and you will do some strenuous walking. This is really a time for tennis shoes but go ahead and pack cute and comfortable flats as well for dinner or shorter outings. The kids will want to avoid Crocs or flip flops in favor of their tennis shoes as well.

Use Strollers Selectively
Walking around San Francisco is a great way to see the city, but it involves busy city streets and hilly roads that are difficult to maneuver with strollers. If your child can still fit in a baby carrier or back pack, that may be a good option. If you choose to use a stroller, think about bringing a strong one suitable for pavement rather than a lightweight umbrella stroller.

Prepare for a Time Change if You’re Coming from the East
San Francisco is in the Pacific Time Zone, which is three hours earlier than Eastern Standard Time.  If you are traveling from another time zone, you may want to adjust your children’s’ bedtimes slightly before you make your trip.

If coming from the East, remember the kids will most likely wake up early on the first morning so one idea is to leave books or an electronic game (with sound turned off) for them to play with if they wake up earlier than everyone else. We found we adjusted to the three-hour time change in just a few days.

Make Restaurant Reservations Before Your Trip
San Francisco is a food-lover’s dream! This means many restaurants are booked in advance and the last thing you want after a day of sightseeing with kids is to wait for dinner. I recommend choosing a few that look good and making reservations before you leave on your trip.

I hope these San Francisco travel tips will get you and your family started on a fabulous trip to the City by the Bay!

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