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With more than 500+ food carts and trucks in the Portland area, it is no wonder that the City of Roses has been dubbed the ‘World’s Best Street Food’ by CNN.  You can now even find food carts in the middle of Portland International Airport terminals, and trust me, you will suddenly have an excuse and desire to check in for your flight 2 hours early!

As a Portland native, I can definitely sympathize in feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start. But fear not my friends; I am here to help provide you with some of my favorite suggestions!

On the southeast side be sure to stop by Cartlandia located about 20 minutes from downtown Portland, and home to 31 diverse food carts. If you’re a carnivore like me, be sure to try the most finger-licking deep-fried ribs, beans, and rice with cornbread at Ja’ Das Food & Dessert Cart.  If you find yourself with room left for a tasty treat, you can always make a pit stop at the infamous Voodoo Doughnuts cart and walk away with your very own pink box!

On the east side be sure to visit one of Portland’s newest Latin American food cart venues, Portland Mercado. It is located about 15 minutes east of downtown Portland and currently home to 8 carts featuring authentic Oaxacan, Columbian, Cuban, Argentinian and El Salvadorian food.  If you’re in the mood for some Latin flare I definitely encourage a stop here.

Of course there’s always the downtown area in Portland, where you will find food carts randomly placed along various sidewalks as well as food pods, where you will find numerous carts grouped together.  My favorite spot downtown is located off of SW 10th and Washington, there you will find a pod of carts that encompasses the entire block with multiple ethnic foods. My favorite cart here is Kargi Gogo, which features delicious Georgian food (and not the U.S. Georgia, the one located on the Black Sea!).  My favorite dish, the supra plate, comes in your choice of meat or vegetarian and embodies some amazingly delicious flavors of the Middle East and Europe.

If you find yourself limited on time but want to try our food carts, sign up for a quick 90 minute food cart tour. Otherwise, be sure to take your time sampling foods from the numerous carts spread across the city.  You’re sure to find a few favorites!

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Food Carts of Portland, Oregon

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