Outdoor Activities in the D.C. Area

Even though Washington D.C. is the central hub for museums in the U.S., the city also boasts a range of outdoor activities? Here are some fun things you can do next time you visit D.C. that go beyond the museum walls and into the great outdoors!

Truckeroo Monthly Food Festival

Food truck festivals have become widely popular in cities across the United States and #DC is following the trend. Truckeroo (Twitter: @Truckeroo) is a monthly food festival held on select Fridays between the months of October and April. With free admission, live music and games, it’s hard to beat! So grab your friends and family and go indulge in D.C.’s most popular meals on wheels.

During Winter Months

There are so many holiday events in D.C. The U.S. Capital Christmas Tree Lightning is very special as well as the holiday events at the National Harbor. Featured image courtesy of @NationHarbor’s Instagram.

Old Town Alexandria

Directly outside of the Capital sits Old Town Alexandria. Shops and restaurants line the streets of this quaint area. Recommend walking around for a few hours then hopping on a water taxi to the National Harbor where events take place all year long.

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