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New York City is famed for many things – one of them is being home of some of the best pizza in the world. While you’re in the Big Apple, you can pop into a number of small storefronts and grab a classic $2.00 slice on the go. But what if you want to get a slice and a little more? No problem. Here are a few of the best spots to sit down and chow down.

Franny’s – @frannysbk
This causal, stylish Brooklyn spot generates crowds every night of the week. Their pizza is baked with the freshest ingredients and has a delicious paper thin crust. Franny’s has an excellent wine list, with lots of selection (at reasonable prices, too!) to pair well with your pie.

Paulie Gee’s@pauliegee
Located in Greenpoint, this traditional Italian restaurant makes their own cured meats for toppings, and their pizza crust is done to perfection. Paulie Gee spent much of his time in Naples to perfect these pies. He’s known to walk around the dining room and greet all his guests offering a nibble while you wait.

Luzzo’s – @pizzabyluzzos
Luzzo’s in the East Village is cozy and convenient. Their pizzas have incredible flavor, including the “Tartufata,” which is made with truffle oil. Try Luzzo’s pizzas and you will dream about them for weeks to follow. I do!

L’asso’s Pizzas are baked in unique shapes. You never know what you’ll be served, but it’s always delicious. This is a great spot to take a group of friends for a social dinner when you’re in Soho.

While this comes off as a  bit of a “touristy” spot, the pizza is absolutely fantastic. Here’s a tip that might not be on the menu: Try one of the dishes they’re known for – their clam pie – ask for it and you won’t regret it!

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