Moroccan Culture & the Mediterranean Sea

Morocco is a North African country that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  You can easily access Morocco from Spain through a quick one-hour ferry ride to reach the north side of the country. While in Morocco, you have the option to travel to any other region within the country by a high-speed rail, traditional rail, or even riding the bus!

Morocco has so much to offer, you can visit the beach, hike through mountains, explore at the desert, or dive into a cultural experience.

View of the Atlantic Ocean from a sandy shore.

Beach Lovers
Head North to Tangier and surrounding towns to take a dip in either the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. There are a lot of water activities to try along the coast such as surfing, diving, and kayaking.

Another great place for beach lovers is Agadir, which is in the mid-southern region of Morocco. It’s a great place to enjoy warm days on the long beach and marina. Also, if you’re up for an adventure, check out the popular crocodile park known as CrocoParc Agadir. You can explore the botanical garden with its abundance of unique flora, visit the 350 crocodiles around the park, and awaken your childish spirit at the local attractions.

Tea with mint in a clear glass next to a Moroccan pot.

Culture Gurus
Book an extended stay in Marrakesh to get an in-depth look at Moroccan culture in The Red City. Spend a whole day at Jamaa el Fnaa, a huge square where you can eat delicious Moroccan food, drink tea, watch snake charming shows, and also shop for souvenirs to take back home. If you’re into history, make sure to visit the “Musée de Marrakech” or “Yves Saint Laurent” museums. Stop by the historical ancient ruins, and cruise through the old parts of the city to really get a full Moroccan experience.

Learn all about ancient Morocco when you make a pitstop in Fes. The oldest city in Morocco where you can get a dose of historical facts. It is the perfect destination to experience the culture through the Al Batha Museum.

Egyptian style film location

Plan a road trip around Ouarzazate, Zagora, Merzouga, and Dakhla for the perfect sight-seeing experiences in the desert. I suggest visiting Ouarzazate first to tour the world’s largest filming studio, Atlas Film Studios. Popular movies like The Mummy and Star Wars were filmed in these locations. Next, explore the Kasbahs – an isolated fortress used as a home and defense structure when the city is under attack. Visit Dakhla and its long beach where you can ride camels through the Merzouga deserts and sleep under the stars for a unique desert experience.

Huge round aquarium in the middle of a shopping mall


Modern Morocco
If you are planning a short trip, discover an appealing mix of historical sites and modern hot spots. The top destinations on my list are Rabat, Casablanca, and Tangier. In these cities, you will be able to enjoy modern restaurants, a fun nightlife scene, international shopping at the Morocco Mall, and you can make a stop at iconic historical monuments to get a glimpse of Moroccan culture along the way.

Brown stone and wood doorway.

It’s no wonder Morocco has been chosen by travelers and artists for decades and continues to enchant everyone who visits. Traveling to Morocco is a beautiful journey including great scenery, a taste of mouthwatering cuisine, and a North African adventure.

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