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I was recently talking to a family friend who does a fair amount of business travel. He was getting ready to leave for three weeks straight! (Hats off to his wife for holding down the fort solo!)

I asked where he usually stayed and if he was enrolled in any loyalty programs. He said he used to belong to a few but didn’t really keep up with it any longer. In fact, he told me he had over 20,000 airline miles that had expired when he was unable to travel for a while due to an injury. Gasp. Sputter. I asked him to please not tell me anymore…I wasn’t sure I could handle it.

With a little effort and loyalty, all of the business travel that takes you away from your family can be turned into great vacations at reduced costs, or even free, with the best hotel rewards program, Hilton Honors. Your significant other will like you more, too, when you offer up a great family vacation in return for all that time you spent away.

Hilton Honors Basics
With more than 550 properties in 80 countries across six continents, chances are good that there’s a Hilton Hotels & Resorts property you could choose for your business travel. And there’s an even greater chance that one of the over 4,000 hotels in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio will meet your needs. Any and all of them will earn you Hilton Honors points for your stay.

By staying with Hilton any time you travel on business or vacation, you can earn points in the Hilton Honors program which can be used for free stays. You also can earn elite status based on the number of stays you have or the number of nights you accrue. Elite status can get you free breakfasts, free Internet access, and bonus points on your stays.

One of the reasons Hilton Honors is the best hotel rewards program is that you can earn BOTH points and airline miles for your stays, not just one or the other. You can also choose to earn more points instead of the miles. Select your option in your account preferences once you sign in.

Earn More with Hilton Honors Promotions
After choosing your Hilton hotel, be sure and look for any promotions that are being offered to help boost your points earning potential. Many times you can earn extra points for multiple stays or staying on particular nights. You can always find the featured promotion on the Hilton Honors website. You need to register for the promotion in order to earn the bonus points offered so if you get an email or hear about an offer, go ahead and register just in case you have a stay during the promotional period.

Speaking of emails, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you receive your Hilton Honors Monthly Statement, and you can also sign up for other emails for special offers and destinations you may be interested in. Sign up or edit your email preferences after you sign in to your Hilton Honors account.

Receive Extra Points and Benefits with Hilton Honors Credit Cards
If you have the liberty of choosing which credit card you charge your business expenses to, you should also look into the Hilton Honors credit cards. You can earn additional points per dollar for Hilton stays along with points for your everyday spending. Plus most of the credit cards offer a large amount of bonus points when you spend a certain amount and provide you with either Gold or Silver elite status.

Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Points Don’t Expire
After you’ve earned the points, DON’T LET THEM EXPIRE! Hilton Honors points expire after 12 months of inactivity on your account. It’s so easy to have activity, that there’s no excuse to not keep your account current. Stay at any Hilton Worldwide property, shop through the Hilton Honors Shop-to-Earn site, or earn points by dining at certain restaurants. All of these options will extend your expiration date out another 12 months.

With a some planning and minimal effort, you can afford to take your family on some fantastic vacations where your hotel stay can be covered, which will free up some cash to send the wife to the spa. I just wanted to note that in case my husband is reading this!

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