Local Favorites of Singapore

  • Closeup of seafood at Tiong Maru market

  • View of Sentosa Beach in Singapore.

  • View of Arab Street

In every great city, the local neighbourhoods and less hectic attractions have some of the greatest shopping, activities and culinary treasures. This is certainly true of Singapore and each of its local gems.

While there is a plethora of places from which to choose, I have a handful of favorites that I always recommend to people visiting the Lion City. Be sure to check out:

  1. Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru is a quaint area in Singapore with beautiful cafés and boutiques. In the morning, the Tiong Bahru market, in the heart of the city, bustles with fish mongers and produce. Above the market is the famous Tiong Bahru Hawker where you can find local delicacies all under one roof.

  1. Arab Street  

This is another quaint neighbourhood worth a visit where the streets are lined with shops selling carpets, spices and textiles. It is also the home to Masjid Sultan, one of the most famous mosques in Singapore.

Arab Street boasts a number of hipster coffee joints and pubs, too. Haji Lane, famous for its mix of restaurants and boutiques, is a great walking street within the neighbourhood.

  1. East Coast Park

On the East Coast of Singapore, it’s very popular to rent bicycles and roller blades, allowing visitors to cruise all the way down the coastline. Another interesting activity is prawn fishing; just rent a rod to fish for prawns in man-made pools of fresh water. The Seafood Centre is also a great place to try the famous Chilli Crab.

  1. Sentosa

Be sure to check out Sentosa, a popular island resort on the island of Singapore. Sentosa is the home of Universal Studios Singapore and several great golf courses. On the weekends a favourite local activity is to head down to the beaches at Sentosa, and have a picnic by the water while enjoying some sun and sand.

  1. Orchard Road

Orchard is the main shopping stretch in Singapore. It’s certainly not one to be missed; you will find a number of international brands. It’s also a great street to see the old and the new features of Singapore, where heritage architecture blends with modern finishes.

While these are just a handful of my favourite local hot spots, each location will provide plenty to see and do! If by chance you do happen to enjoy all of these neighbourhoods and parks, but still want more, be sure to tweet @HiltonSuggests. Our team will happily provide more recommendations!



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View of Arab Street

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