The Emerald City for Every Traveler: How to Enjoy Seattle

Seattle is nestled between two mountain ranges, two bodies of water, and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, for a good reason: we have a little bit of just about everything in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you like to see things, do things, or taste things, Seattle has world-class activities for you to enjoy!

If you are the type of person who likes to see amazing things, I’ll tell you when to come, and then where to go.

The best time to visit Seattle if you want to see amazing things is between late Spring and early Fall. Amazing things include our beautiful city, the Puget Sound, the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, and Mount Rainier, for example. While it is not true that it rains every day here, it does rain often and remains cloudy for many more days in the late Fall to early Spring than it does over our Summer, which is usually very dry and clear.

Seattle Skyline View from the Space Needle.

Where can you see amazing things while you’re here? While everyone knows about our iconic Space Needle, check out the Skyview Observatory for higher-up views of our city and the nature surrounding it from the 73rd floor of the Columbia Tower. You can even have a drink or a small meal from their new restaurant!

Rushing Snoqualmie Water Falll

If you have a car or can book a tour, head out to Snoqualmie Falls. Snoqualmie Falls is less than an hour outside of Seattle, yet it feels completely separate from the big city. This 270 ft. waterfall, besides being beautiful, has a lot of history behind it, it is important to the local Native American tribe culture, and was important for providing hydroelectric power to the surrounding area in Seattle’s old days.

This ties into what there is to do in and around Seattle, which is what I’ll cover next.

The word “do” has many meanings, but here I am talking about a few activities that involve more than just seeing things. If you want to do something fun that is not too far from downtown, head over to Alki Beach in West Seattle. Here, you can rent a paddleboard, a kayak, or a bike; you can also play beach volleyball, grill outside, or have a bonfire at sunset.

View of the green mountains from Mount Rainier

For thrill seekers in the summer, head to the Sunrise Visitor Center, the highest point you can drive to in Mount Rainier National Park. Here, you’ll be greeted by stunning views of Rainier and its surrounding mountains. From there, you have many hikes to choose from that will give you insanely beautiful views of the Cascades while getting a great workout. Be sure to bring your water!

Snow covered summit at Snoqualmie.

For thrill seekers in the winter, Washington State has some of the best winter sports areas in the country. The closest ski resort to Seattle is the Summit at Snoqulamie, followed by Steven’s Pass, Crystal Mountain, and Mount Baker. For experienced powder hounds and beginners alike, it’s easy to find a thrilling experience on the snow near Seattle. You’re sure to be hungry once you’re done with a long day of fun activities, which brings me to my next topic.

Seattle is a foodie paradise. Whatever kind of food you want, or however picky you are about your coffee, you can find somewhere in Seattle that serves a world-class version of whatever you desire.

Seattle has no shortage of amazing options for dining. If you want to experience fine dining and even a burlesque show at the same time, then you absolutely need to head to The Pink Door. This restaurant is the highest-rated in the city and is known for its amazing Italian food and live entertainment on select nights. However, be wary that you sometimes need to book many days in advance to eat at this sought-after restaurant!

For a more casual atmosphere, that still has amazing food, head up to Capitol Hill, perhaps Seattle’s most lively neighborhood, and try Oddfellows Cafe. This restaurant does not have the largest menu, but they make up for it with their phenomenal dishes. Try their risotto fries or the baked mac and cheese you will not be disappointed!

View of the Seattle Skyscrapers

As you can see, Seattle has something for everyone to see, do, and taste. The Emerald City is full of great dining options, fun things to do, and some of the most beautiful land in the United States surrounds us. If you love urban adventures, excellent dining, untamed nature, and outdoor adventures, then head to Seattle for your next vacation!

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