How Hilton’s Military Discount Rate Can Save Your Wallet and Your Sanity

The single-handed phrase that defines so many aspects of my life as a military wife is “Hurry up and wait.” Whether it’s hastily preparing our family for a deployment or bouncing around like a ping-pong ball trying to accomplish an enormous out-processing checklist for an upcoming short-notice move, as a military spouse, it’s what I need to do. We hurry up to accomplish an ungodly number of things and then we sit and wait. And wait. And wait. While we’re not always the best at everything, the one thing we’re exceptionally seasoned at is being able to wait. Liking it is a different story.

I startled myself yesterday doing something as simple as filling out the big family calendar that hangs inside our pantry. I saw the June page…with the end-of-school date clearly marked in the first week. That means summer vacation is right around the corner and my countdown for some much needed family time has commenced. However, I have been hesitant to actually book any of the family trips or excursions that I have thoughtfully planned, as I have been waiting to see when my husband can take leave and subsequently if it will be approved. Hurry up and wait…it’s a fun game, I tell you. Luckily, for U.S. and Canadian military families, Hilton offers a discounted Military Family Rate that takes some stress out of the planning with not only affordability but also much needed flexibility.

Enjoy a Military Discount on Hotels
These military discount hotel rates are open to all active duty, reserve, and retired military ID card holders and their families for rooms booked before August 13, 2016. The easiest place to find Hilton Military Family Rates is to search using the box on left side of the Military Family Rate page, or you can call 1-800-HILTONS and ask for promotion codes MFR or PGMFR1. The Military Family Rate provides you with up to 15% off the best available rate, which may include breakfast at some hotels and can save your hungry family even more money with a meal to start your day. Another bonus to these military rates is that they are available at participating hotels across the entire Hilton Portfolio of brands in the United States and abroad.

Double Up with Other Military Discounts
Many destinations and attractions also offer military discounts. This is wonderful because you can combine hotel savings with ticket discounts to really save money on your vacation. Here are just a few examples that your family may enjoy.

Military Discounts in Orlando
Walt Disney World in Orlando is a prime example. Typically, military members know about buying discounted tickets for Walt Disney World through promotions at your local ITT office, but did you also know that there are 68 hotels from the Hilton family in Orlando? When you consider that SeaWorld Orlando also offers free and discounted tickets to military families through their Waves of Honor program and also ITT, Orlando is a great location to bundle hotel and attraction savings into a fun family vacation.

Our family has taken advantage of these great military offers for the past few years and each trip to Orlando has left lasting smiles on our kids’ faces and kept a few extra bucks in our skinny wallets.

California Military Discounts
But don’t think that the east coast has all the good deals. On the west coast, Disneyland offers the same military ticket deals through ITT that you can pair with Anaheim Hilton properties, and there are also multiple San Diego Hilton properties within five miles of SeaWorld San Diego, which is included in the Waves of Honor program and via ITT too.

Military Discounts in Dallas
For the sports fanatics, I would be remiss if I didn’t share that for 2015, Major League Baseball is greatly emphasizing military discounts. For example, military members can get up to 40% off the gate price of Texas Rangers tickets. So, coupled with Hilton’s Military Family Rates offered at these Dallas area Hilton properties, military families can have a fantastic and unforgettable time in the Big D at significant savings.

Travel Flexibility
Oftentimes, change is the only constant in a military family’s life. Worried about having to cancel vacation plans at the last minute for a military requirement? Or just not sure exactly when you might be able to take leave so you can visit friends and family this summer? Don’t wait. Go ahead and make a Hilton Military Family Rate reservation because you can typically make a no-charge cancellation up to 24 hours before arrival. (Some properties might differ on this policy, so always check when completing your reservation.) I know my family will take full advantage of this added benefit…remember those thoughtfully planned out family trips I mentioned earlier? Although my excursions aren’t booked yet, my accommodations are, and they’re virtually risk-free!

Summer is also Military Move Season
While summer vacation organizing can be difficult, planning for a permanent change of station (PCS) move is infinitely more stressful than leisure travel. But don’t worry, Hilton offers competitive rates for military official duties like PCS associated travel on their Military & Government Portal.

Our family always takes advantage of these military discount hotel rates during PCS moves, especially because the comforts and convenience of free breakfast (and sometimes dinner) at many of Hilton’s properties can’t be beat. The last thing I want to think about is trying to figure out what to make my kids for breakfast when the movers are at my door each morning for our pack out and my kitchen is being transformed into stacks of brown boxes that litter the floor. Or, what to make for dinner when we’ve just arrived at a new duty station because I have no groceries, no patience, and am exhausted from a three-day drive across the country with nothing but the theme song from Frozen welded into the nether-regions of my brain.

Military Discounts, Military Discount Hotels & Rates
A glimpse of what a “pack out” looks like for kids in military families across the globe: moving trucks, corrugated boxes, miles of packing tape, and countless hours of waiting.

Places like Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites, and Homewood Suites always have my back. Not to mention, they have great pools for my kids to unleash their energy in and hot coffee that flows all. day. long. Did I mention that they also have tasty coffee creamers too?

Stay tuned for more of my favorite tips for military PCS planning in my upcoming posts here on Hilton Mom Voyage. In the meantime, from this military spouse to you, it takes a village to keep military families strong and regardless of wherever in the world you are, you’re never alone: we’re all in this journey together.

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Please note: These tips and discounts are intended for eligible military service members and only apply to those with valid military identification. Please check the terms and conditions of each offer to determine your eligibility.

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