Hilton Puerto Vallarta: A Fun Family Vacation, Made Easy

If you are looking for a fun and easy family vacation outside the U.S., Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort in Mexico is a great choice! Our family made a last-minute decision to stay at this property during the holiday season. While some trips, especially those involving international travel or younger kids, require a decent amount of planning or can be intimidating, this was certainly not the case here. We loved our vacation and it was easy peasy, Pacific breezy!

Puerto Vallarta is a relatively short flight from most parts of the U.S. This historic city on the Pacific coast of Mexico used to be a small fishing town before it was discovered by the tourism industry and is now known for its colonial charm and rich culture. The surrounding area, part of the Mexican state of Jalisco, is beautiful and definitely worth exploring. In addition to the some great beaches and the Pacific Ocean, there are the Sierra Madre mountains, lush rain forests, waterfalls and several beautiful old towns. Chosen as the number one city in the world to retire by AARP a few years ago, Puerto Vallarta is also a popular west coast stop for cruise ships navigating Mexico’s waters.

So, what exactly makes this destination and property such a fun and easy family vacation, you ask?

5 Reasons Why the Hilton is the Best Puerto Vallarta All-Inclusive Resort for Families

1. Location, location, location, location
Yes, four times. First of all, Hilton Puerto Vallarta is located within minutes of the airport so there’s no lengthy shuttle ride required before you can start enjoying your vacation. Second, the property is situated on a lovely sand beach in the Bay of Banderas. I will tell you more about this shortly. Third, Hilton Puerto Vallarta is within a short walking distance of several large malls and restaurants plus the Marina Terminal. (This is where most day excursions by boat depart from.) Finally, old town Puerto Vallarta, which you absolutely must visit, is only about a 15 to 20 minute taxi ride away.

2. The all-inclusive concept
Everybody knows that “all-inclusive” translates into super easy when it comes to catering to family vacations (pun intended). Hilton Puerto Vallarta happens to be the only Hilton in Mexico which is all-inclusive. We loved the worry-free aspect and diverse food choices available to guests.

Do you have young, picky eaters? No need to worry, the resort offers plenty of food options. An always hungry teenager? No problem, food and snack choices are available at all times. Kids who go through virgin strawberry piña coladas like it’s a contest? Nope, you won’t be afraid to look at your room charges. Feel like having a bit more upscale, perhaps romantic dinner? This place has got you covered. How about sushi on a swanky roof top lounge overlooking the Pacific? Yup, that too! For more details, check out the details on Hilton Puerto Vallarta’s restaurants.

Best Puerto Vallarta All-Inclusive Family - Sea Fire all day restaurant at Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort
The main restaurant, Sea Fire, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and always had plenty of choices that made us happy – just one of the reasons why the Hilton is the best Puerto Vallarta all-inclusive resort for families.

3. Super Family Friendly
From the moment we arrived at the hotel lobby, it was apparent that Hilton Puerto Vallarta welcomes families with both arms. In addition to the all-inclusive resort with a pool and a beach, there is a playground, a Kids Club, and various activities which appeal to older kids. Should you need a high chair, a crib for your room or a baby sitting service recommendation, just ask. Throughout our vacation we continually observed friendly staff showing their affinity for the youngest guests of the resort.

4. Do Nothing or… Everything
If you like to strictly chill on your vacation, you will easily be happy at Hilton Puerto Vallarta. There is the main pool area or a nice sand beach waiting for you to relax and soak up that lovely Mexican sunshine. To be pampered, head to the spa, where my husband and I enjoyed one of the best couple’s massages of our lives. I don’t think the spa is advertised enough. Seriously, don’t skip it. The staff of the Kids Club will make sure your kids won’t even notice you are gone; they will be having so much fun with planned activities and making new friends. The resort makes everything easy, remember?

Those who get tired of lounge chairs and unlimited umbrella drinks need not worry. The resort offers a wide variety of daily activities to its guests, from water aerobics, beach volleyball and kayaking in the bay, to Spanish classes and cooking demonstrations. It’s easy to have fun!

I promised to tell you more about the beach. It’s a great place to sunbathe; the resort provides plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas. You can also play in the sand or surf, go for nice walks or even shop. Various vendors come to offer their goods throughout the day. If you want to take things up a notch, there is a parasailing company, right in front the resort. I was told Puerto Vallarta is the best place to go parasailing in Mexico so I tried it for the first time. It was amazing and I can’t wait to do it again!

Best Puerto Vallarta All-Inclusive Family - View of the beach in front of Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort, Mexico
A lovely sandy beach is just steps away from Hilton Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

For those who would like to explore more of Jalisco, there is a long list of excursions to choose from which you can easily (that word again!) book through several tour operators in the hotel lobby. Diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and whale watching are some of the most popular activities, as are various land excursions. Our family took a day trip to Yelapa and loved it. We also had a fantastic experience taking a cooking class with Rosie’s Vallarta Cooking. We booked these activities on our own, and both were the highlights of our trip.

I told you: it’s so easy, all you need to do is make a decision on what to do each day.

Best Puerto Vallarta All-Inclusive Family - Sunset at Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort Mexico
Killer sunsets are an everyday occurrence at Hilton, the best Puerto Vallarta all-inclusive resort for families. A beautiful spot to enjoy them is the roof top O West Sunset Lounge. It’s a great place for spotting whales and marveling at the large cruise ships too!

5. Exciting News
It was hard not to notice the construction for something big right next door to the property that just looked exciting. Turns out, Hilton Puerto Vallarta is putting up a hacienda-style all suite addition to their property which is expected to welcome guests in March 2018. With additional pools, restaurants, bars, an adults-only area and a few other things, this contemporary deluxe concept is sure to be a hit. Our family cannot wait to go back and check it out. Yes, this last point fits under easy too: I’m sure it will be EASY to fall in love with it.

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5 Reasons Why the Hilton is the Best Puerto Vallarta All-Inclusive Resort for Families

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