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Pretzels. Beer. Leiderhousen. Oktoberfest. There are many reasons to travel to Germany. If this European country is on your bucket list, then consider one of its northern cities away from the selfie sticks and long queue lines.

Visit Hamburg. There’s a charm to the city that goes beyond the over-abundance of carbs, meat and beer of Germany’s southern Bavarian states. Hamburg is local. It’s real. It’s current. And it’s seemingly uncharted by the average tourist. So, while you may not find streets lined with tour buses, you will discover a city alive with personality… and cyclists! If you’re headed to Germany’s port city, I’m already jealous.

To help you navigate beyond the guide books, I’ve highlighted my top seven favorite happenings and discoveries of this charming city.

#1 Reichshof Hamburg, A Curio Collection by Hilton

As a Team Member, I was thrilled to hear that just a few weeks before my arrival in Hamburg, our first Hilton property was being introduced to the city – Reichshof Hamburg, Curio Collection by Hilton. The hotel, which is right across the street from the main train station, combines an ideal location with a charming, historic style. From the local band that plays every Saturday in Bar 1910 to the friendly staff serving sushi at Sushi & Sweets in the Lobby – every aspect of the hotel felt Instagrammable.

#2 Fritz-Kola

Weirdly one of my favorite discoveries, Fritz-Kola is Hamburg’s hipster soda. Despite how difficult it would be to transport a six-pack of soda bottles in my suitcase, I seriously considered ways to take on the challenge. As the perfect jetlag partner, the drink was developed by two Hamburg friends looking for more caffeine, less sweetness and a pinch of lemon. Proceed with caution, but definitely indulge on this Hamburg-originated sugary drink. You’re on vacation. Or you’re not. Either way, make it a double!

Read: “How Fritz-Kola Took On Coke (and Kind of Won)” –

#3 View from St Michaeliskirche (St Michael’s Church)

Be sure to hike over to one of Hamburg’s most recognizable landmarks, St Michaeliskirche.

Climb up ALL of its nearly 500 stairs (maybe drink a Fritz-Kola beforehand for extra spring in your step) to take in the views of the city, get your barrings – and attempt to take a selfie or two from the top.

 #4 Strandperle

While slightly off the beaten path, this adorable beach bar is worth the trek. In the summer months, enjoy a pretzel and beer as you watch the boats – and the sun – come and go.

If you’re feeling nautical, you can take boat #62. Take “Brucke 3” at “Landungbrucken” to “Museumshafen Ovelgonne.” From the boat dock (looking towards the land), turn left, walking past the beach houses until you dead end at Strandperle. High five that you made it. Then grab a drink and relax!

Don’t trust me with directions? I really don’t blame you. Ask Google how to find it.

#5 Smoked Fish Sandwiches

Yes, I combined two of my favorites into one pic. You can’t go to Hamburg without trying one of their famous smoke fish sandwiches.

My local friend introduced me to the specialty outside the boats at the Landungbrucken harbor. Like anywhere, the closer to the water… the better the fish.

And as the pictures suggests, it pairs well with a Fritz-Kola!

#6 Elbe 76

Casual, yet fancy. A great description of Elbe 76 AND the city of Hamburg. This pork shoulder and potatoes dish was the perfect welcome back meal on my return trip to the city. English menus are available – or find locals to dine with for recommendations! After dinner, stroll the neighborhood for an Instagram moment or two before your jetlag sets in.

Address: Bismarkstrasse 60, 20259 Hamburg. Say what?!

#7 Mexikaner Shot

Originally crafted in Hamburg, the Mexikaner shot is now more closely-associated with Berlin. Regardless, Hamburgians shoot the tomato-based delite proudly – And, you can thank the internet (and, because I found a recipe.

Mexikaner Recipe (Cheers!)

0,5 l Kor
1 l Tomato Juice
0,25 l Sangrita (Available in some supermarkets including Kaufland)
2 cl Tabasco
2 Teaspoons Pepper
1 Teaspoon Salt
1 Pinch of sugar
Chili powder to taste

I hope these tips inspire you to pack your bags and plan your next holiday in the beautiful country of Germany.



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Colorful bikes and bridges in Hamburg

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