How to Get the Most from Your Hilton Honors Membership

A huge part of getting the biggest bang out of your travel buck is knowing when and where to grab the best perks and rewards. Hilton makes it super easy, especially for Hilton Honors members!

Join Hilton Honors for FREE!
If you are not yet a Hilton Honors member, what are you waiting for? Joining Hilton Honors is simple and best of all, free! Just visit the Hilton Honors site and sign up. 

Use the Hilton Honors App

The Hilton Honors app is one of the best ways to manage your Hilton experience. Use the Hilton Honors app to do everything from requesting an Uber ride from the airport to selecting and checking in to your room. You can actually even use the app as a digital room key to open your door at over 600 Hilton hotels, with this feature coming to more Hilton hotels soon!

Check for Promotions
Quite often, Hilton will offer special promotions to Hilton Honors members. Check the Hilton Honors offers page for these and make sure to opt into the email notifications. This will help to ensure that you stay in the loop and don’t miss any opportunities to earn extra points. Promotional offers might include discounted travel packages, member discounts, special destination promotions and opportunities to earn bonus points.

Consider a Hilton Honors Credit Card
Reward credit cards offer another great way to put your hard-earned money to work! A Hilton Honors credit card will earn you points for every dollar you spend, including additional points spent at Hilton hotels. You can also earn points for shopping at the Hilton Honors Shop-to-Earn Mall. Think about it — if you shop there with your Hilton Honors credit card, it’s like double-dipping!

When you combine all of these different ways to save money and earn points, they can all add up to even bigger travel benefits and savings in the long run. You work hard for your money and these little tips are a great way to turn your hard-earned dollars into extended vacations and extra travel perks!

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