Family Fun! Zip Lining at Casela World of Adventures in Mauritius

There are so many water activities in Mauritius that it may be hard to pry yourself from the beach. Especially if you are staying at Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa where the complimentary activities are endless. But if you have an adventurous side and thrive on an adrenaline rush, I highly recommend venturing over to Casela World of Adventures for an action packed afternoon of zip lining!

Zip lining is something I have always wanted to try — to feel like Indiana Jones darting through the jungle in search of the Holy Grail. Ahh, I digress. Anyway, with the opportunity so nearby and palpable, I knew I could accomplish this dream.

Fun Things to do in Mauritius: Zip Lining at Casela World
The zip line adventure is an activity within Casela World of Adventures, an amazing park less than 10 minutes from Hilton Mauritius where we were staying. They claim to have the longest zip line in the Indian Ocean and offer a few different programs to push your comfort zone to a new level. Because my children were excited to give this a try (hurray for adventurous kids!), I was limited in the program we could participate in as my younger child wasn’t old enough for the whole course. No matter, we were thrilled at just the opportunity.

Fun things to do in Mauritius with kids - Tandem zip lining
Zip lining is one of the most fun things to do in Mauritius with kids. My son may become an adrenaline junkie!

Casela’s Zip Lining Options
One of the different programs available is The Bridge, which is comprised of three single zip lines, two double zip lines (2 people at once) and the crossing of the Nepalese Bridge. There is also a full-day program where you can have lunch and zip line right into a river! In both of those programs, participants must be over 8 years of age.

Because my son was 7 years-old at the time of our adventure, we were offered the 400-meter circuit. Let me preface this by saying, I don’t feel this was remotely a watered-down version at all! The 400-meter circuit includes four double zip lines (2 people at once) and their famous 400-meter jump where you whiz high above the gorge for 22 seconds. (It felt longer!) In fact, this program was just about perfect for us newbies jumping into the zip lining world.

It was recommended by the concierge to make reservations ahead of time as space fills up quickly during the high season. Because it is located within Casela World of Adventures Park, there is also an entrance fee in addition to the zip lining fee. However, that didn’t bother us as the park is definitely worth exploring, and that is a whole separate article! Tip: Make sure you bring bug repellent, as there can be mosquitoes along the zip lining course.

Our Mauritius Zip Line Adventure
On the day of our adventure we arrived early to the park so we had plenty of time to try other activities before our scheduled zip line time. There is a meeting point and they stress to arrive on the early side. Luckily, the meeting point was adjacent to a snack shop as it was HOT, and we needed something cool to drink before setting off on our adventure.

At the appointed time, a safari-like Jeep arrived, loaded everyone up and we began a 15-minute ascent up the mountain to where the program begins. The scenery on the drive up was gorgeous as we passed farms and sugar cane fields and even saw monkeys!

Once we arrived at zip line base camp, waivers were handed out and everyone was fitted with special belts which would hook us (hopefully safely) onto the line. I noticed there were practice ropes and jump towers, but apparently our program didn’t necessitate practice runs.

Once we had our gear on, we again boarded the Jeep and set off further up the mountain. There were several instructors and guides that joined us and each of them was quite friendly and seemed very safety conscience. (Their lives were at stake as well…just sayin’.)

The 400-meter circuit consist of four passes on a double line that zips high over waterfalls, jungle and a river. The guides were amazing with the kids and really wanted them to have a good time. They knew I was a bit nervous not only for myself but for my kids, and they offered to zip with the kids. (My kids were completely oblivious to any possibility of danger.) That seemed to be a perfect solution to somewhat calm my nerves.  I admit it was hard sending them off on a cable that soared over a jungle with strangers and in a foreign country, but this is why we were there: to step outside our comfort zones and be adventurous.

On my first pass, I was nearly frozen with terror. I saw the kids laughing and squealing with delight and even hanging upside down at one point! On the second pass I started to loosen up a bit. Finally, on the fourth pass, I let myself go and just enjoyed the ride and it was exhilarating! This experience was definitely something that took me out of my comfort zone, but I am so glad we did it!

Fun things to do in Mauritius with kid - Zip lining, just let yourself go!
After the fourth pass on our zip lining tour in Mauritius I was able to wave at the camera!

Fortunately, they had a photographer to capture the moment because I didn’t bring my camera. Now that I have tried zip lining, I really can’t wait to try it again.

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