Colorful Provincetown, MA with Kids

Provincetown, or Ptown as the locals like to call it, is one of the most colorful seaside destinations on the East Coast and a great place to visit with kids. Known for its eclectic collection of art galleries, beaches and quirky stores, the village of Provincetown has a storied history.

On a Colonial America tour with the kids, we visited Provincetown along with several other destinations important to our American History, including Plymouth Rock, Martha’s Vineyard, Sandwich and of course, Boston. Ptown was the most colorful of them all, and our kids absolutely loved it.

4 Fun Things to do in Provincetown, MA with Kids

At Herring Cove Beach, tourists and weekend-locals sprawl on chairs in the sand, some shaded by umbrellas and cooled by fresh drinks straight from the ice chest. The kids loved playing in the ocean water, which lapped at the shore like a placid lake. When we got hungry, we strolled up the beach to the snack bar and snarfed down lobster rolls and hot dogs, which were delicious with fresh lemonade and chips.

Back on the sand, the kids had fun catching hermit crabs and then pitting them in races against one another in the shallows. When that got boring, we rolled around in the dunes and played hide and seek among the grasses and picket fences. It was an ideal Cape Cod moment.

Fun things to do in Provincetown, MA with kids - view of Provincetown Pier from Commercial Street
A postcard perfect view of Provincetown Pier from Commercial Street.

As the afternoon waned, our tummies started to rumble, and it was time to head into town for some dinner and a stroll. We rinsed off in the outside showers and headed back to downtown Ptown. The area was bustling, full of visitors in all shapes and sizes and hailing from the farthest stretches of the U.S. and beyond. It was fun to see summer revelers walking arm-in-arm down Commercial Street, dressed in all kinds of party attire. (Note: Some of these outfits were a bit risque, and our teens eyes were wide as they took it all in. They loved it.)

The rainbow flags were blowing in the breeze, and the little white lights were twinkling as music played and guests sashayed. It was a really fun scene.

Fun things to do in Provincetown, MA with kids - Commercial Street is a colorful mix of galleries, shops, restaurants and local characters
Walking down colorful Commercial Street is one of the fun things to do in Provincetown, MA with kids.

On Commercial Street, we enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner at the iconic Lobster Pot, where we watched the boats come into harbor like a living postcard. After stuffing ourselves on fresh-caught lobster, clams, crab and more, we decided a walk would do us good. Amidst a few great gift shops, a plethora of candy stores, some interesting galleries and a fair amount of trinkets, we found plenty of history in Provincetown.

Fun things to do in Provincetown, MA with kids - Lobster Pot Restaurant
Provincetown’s Lobster Pot Restaurant has been serving up fresh seafood for decades.

To start, right in the middle of Provincetown sits the Pilgrim Monument, a tower erected in 1910 to commemorate the first landfall of the Mayflower. Yes, despite popular belief, the Pilgrims actually landed first at Provincetown, where they signed the Mayflower Compact before exploring the coastline and deciding Plymouth was a better place to settle.

Ptown offers a little something for everybody: history, beaches, shopping, dining. The drive to the tip of Cape Cod is definitely worth it for a colorful day.

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4 Fun Things to do in Provincetown MA with Kids

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