Experience The Last Frontier Without Leaving Anchorage

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People come from all over the world to experience the last frontier, but you don’t have to charter expensive plane rides to remote areas to see the wild side of Alaska. It can all be done right here in Anchorage. I love losing myself in nature, and after living in Anchorage for a few years, I have discovered some amazing must-see places. Check out my list of the top places to visit to get the full experience of the last frontier, without leaving Anchorage.

Kincaid Park

Kincaid Park is located on an old glacier moraine, and is home to the largest moose population in the city. It is the best place to get your adrenaline pumping while venturing deep into the woods. The trail system is astonishing, encompassing a giant maze of hills with seemingly endless twists and turns. Great for hiking and mountain biking in the summer and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for cross country skiers during the winter.

Little Campbell Lake

Tucked in a quiet pocket of the Kincaid forest, Little Campbell Lake is a great place to swim, fish, paddleboard and canoe. The water is a cool 60 degrees in the summer and at its deepest, it reaches only 15 feet. Spending an afternoon here will make you quickly forget that you never left Anchorage!

Point Woronzof Park

Point Woronzof Park provides access to a secret beach in Anchorage. Not only do very few people know about this park, but it is also the best place in the city to walk along the ocean, whale watch and soak up the sun. The scenery is unbeatable, with views of the inlet and Sleeping Lady Mountain. Something unique about this park is its location right at the end of the airport runway. If you position yourself just right, planes will take off and land right over your head.   Also, it is an easy access point to Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.

Far North Bicentennial Park

This park is the start to multiple trail heads, winding throughout the edge of the Chugach State Park. The opportunities for outdoor adventure are seemingly endless with options for mountain biking, trail running, hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. It is an incredible place to get fully immersed in the Alaskan wilderness, with both the North and the South Fork Campbell creek flowing through the heavily wooded park.

The Alaskan wilderness is something that everyone should experience in their lifetime. But as you can see, you don’t have to go too far off the grid to have some amazing moments.

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