Five Ways to Preserve Travel Memories for Your Family

It was fun while it lasted. We’ve all been disappointed when vacations are over.  We’re left with fleeting memories and pictures stored in memory cards and smartphones.  So, how do we preserve those cherished memories or prolong that travel euphoria?  Here are five ways to create vacation memorabilia to preserve your travel memories which will hopefully last until the kids reach adulthood or at least your next trip.

1.  Photo Books
These customizable photo albums created online are our family’s favorite way to remember our travels.  It’s a great way to be organized and creative with vacation photos.  It beats storing pictures in shoe boxes or memory cards.  They can also be shared with family and friends online.  My kids love looking through photo books to reminisce and have worn out our Disney-related books.

One of the best ways to engage kids is to give them a camera to capture their experiences from their perspective. Their work of art can also be published into photo books as wonderful keepsakes.

Use Travel Photo Books to preserve your travel memories.

2.  Travel Journals and Scrapbooks
Journals have always been the traditional way to record our memories.  I wish I had made my kids start travel journals when they were younger to chronicle their adventures but it’s never too late.  For kids who don’t like to write or are too young, drawing a favorite attraction or memory will work too.

These don’t have to be limited to hardbound journals. Older kids who carry netbooks and laptops can record their thoughts and memories in digital form.  Give the kids a folder to store keepsakes when traveling – tickets, brochures, postcards.  Scrapbooks make for a fun family project to record your travel memories after the trip.

3.  Postcards
Postcards are still sold everywhere despite their decline in popularity. One of our travel traditions is for the kids to write postcards to themselves.  They love picking out the postcards and receiving them when we get home.  As they get older, my kids enjoy reading what they wrote when they were younger.  Create a photo album for the postcards or hang them on bulletin boards or along walls to display.

Hanging postcards are a great way to preserve your travel memories.

4.  Videography
Many cameras and smartphones nowadays also double as camcorders making it easier to record memories for prosperity.  Interview the kids while at a famous attraction and capture their thoughts.  Recordings of first time adventures are always treasured.  I can’t tell you how often my kids have watched their first zip lining adventure.  Use video editing software like iMovie or Power Director to create mini movies so you can relive your favorite travel memories at any time.

5.  Souvenirs
There’s a popular saying of “Collect memories, not things.”  But, why not both?  Souvenirs can be fun, cheap, functional or educational.  My daughter has an assortment of dolls that almost looks like a Miss Universe stage while my son loves his legion of mini-stuffed animals and both have key chain collections.  They serve as tangible reminders of places they’ve visited, cultural associations and memorable experiences.

Souvenir dolls are fun for children to help preserve their travel memories.

Travel memories don’t have to fade with these different ways to save them for prosperity.  So, what are your favorite ways to preserve travel memories for your family?

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