Los Angeles: Where the Celebs Roam

“Where do the celebrities hang out?” This is without a doubt the number one question I get from out-of-towners visiting Los Angeles. Regardless of the nature of their visit, every single person — young or old, male or female — finds a way to weave the question into the discussion. Of course they never fail to mention it’s (cough, cough) for their mom/wife/daughter/aunt/(insert any relationship) and I of course smile. Then again, I can’t say I blame them, I’ve lived in Southern California for nearly 20 years, and it’s still really fun to find celebrities when you least expect it.

Naturally, celebrity spotting is one of the biggest perks while traveling to the entertainment capital of the world. Here in L.A., celebrities are in their natural habit, and you don’t need to venture very far at all to spot big name stars in the wild. Those looking to rub elbows with your favorite big screen sensation, teen dream boy bander, or rock star legend, can look no further because here is a list of the best celebrity hangouts in L.A.

Tip: Paparazzi travel in swarms and it’s impossible to miss them. If you see them outside on the street, you have successfully entered “The Celeb Zone.”

Where to Find Celebrities in L.A.

1200 Alta Loma Rd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Celebrity sightings: This “paps-free zone” hosts the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Ethan Hawke, Rhianna, Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, U2, Harry Styles, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who have all been spotted lurking around this rock star oasis. During the summer, make sure to catch their Friday night series Live @SunsetMarquis because you never know who will jump up on stage.

The Restaurant at Chateau Marmont
8221 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046

Celebrity sightings: Oh, the stories! Experience for yourself where the trouble I mean magic happens. Courtney Love, Anthony Bourdain, Liv Tyler, Rachel Zoe, Rob Lowe, Blake Shelton, Simon Le Bon, Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, and Nicole Richie are known frequenting the Garden Terrace, but it’s safe to say what happened at Chateau Marmont never happened.

The Grove
189 The Grove Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90036

Celebrity sightings: When in doubt, shop! Mark Wahlberg, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Garner, Kit Harington, Justin Bieber, Helen Mirren, Bella Thorne, Drew Barrymore, Mindy Kailing, Chris Cornell and every other star imaginable head to The Grove to do just that. Biggest celebrity hangout? American Girl Place for celeb dad / daughter dates.

1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Celebrity sightings: Two words: Prince Harry. Oh, and some others like that Julia chick from Pretty Woman. What’s her name? Oh, yeah…Roberts.

Runyon Canyon
2000 N Fuller Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046

Celebrity sightings: Get your fitness on with the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Gavin Rossdale, Kendall Jenner, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, and Jake Gyllenhaal, all of whom have been seen hiking the trail. Dog optional.

LAX Airport
1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Celebrity sightings: Next time you find yourself at baggage claim or the TSA security line, take a look around for the likes of Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ryan Reynolds, Orlando Bloom, Ryan Gosling, Khloe Kardashian, Vince Vaughn, and Kate Hudson because you never know who just hopped off a commercial flight.

Malibu, CA 90265

Celebrity sightings: From P!nk and Corey Hart to Leann Rimes, Gerard Butler, Chris Martin, Robert Downey Jr., and Owen Wilson, you never know who you’ll run into while shopping at Malibu Country Mart or lounging on Zuma Beach.

PUMP / Villa Blanca
8948 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069
9601 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Celebrity sightings: Elton John, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence and basically every Bravo-lebrity ever, including Jiggy and Jax.

Any of them. Not kidding.

While in Los Angeles, be sure to book a room at The Beverly Hilton for access to A-list celebrity spotting, especially during the Golden Globes (January) and Clive Davis’ annual pre-GRAMMY Gala (February) both held inside the International Ballroom. It’s your chance to not only mix and mingle in the lobby, but chill poolside and watch the red carpet arrivals live!

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