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When visiting Spain most people think about summer destinations such as Las Canarias, Las Baleares, the Brava Cost, Andalusia or the Bask Countries. I must say there isn’t a city in Spain that I don’t love but I strongly recommend spending a long weekend in the amazing city of Madrid. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the best seasons to visit Madrid.

The Madrid Royal Church at Dusk


These two events bring music, good food and refreshing drinks to two different barrios of Madrid. Tapapiés is an annual festival that runs from October 18 through October 28 takes place in the multicultural and hipster area of Lavapiés. This festival celebrates delicious tapas (small plates) and lively music. During Tapapiés, every bar around the Lavapiés area has its own special tapas for the festival and cost about a dollar. Start your day early around  7 PM to avoid the crowds.

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The annual Coctelsaña festival takes place in the young and vibrant area of Malasaña from October 25 through November 4. This festival features all of the bars around Malasaña for an extravagant display of cocktails. Each bar creates delicious cocktails according to their designated liquor. The specialty cocktails are themed to represent certain periods of time. The cost of these amazing drinks are around $5 each.

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San Isidro Celebration
San Isidro is the patron saint of Madrid, the entire city celebrates the Fiesta de San Isidro from May 11 to May 15. The fiesta includes parades and concerts throughout the week. This is a beautiful and folkloristic experience where you can submerge yourself in the real Madrilenian culture. The Madrid locals dress in traditional attire called “el traje de chulapos,” for men,  “parpusa” (a hat) and the “claveles” (a flower) for the women. There are multiple areas for concerts and other activities, the most popular are  La Pradera de San Isidro, Los Jardines de las Vistillas and La Plaza Mayor. Grab a tasty bocadillo de carne, a sandwich with grilled pork meat or go the Spanish way and try tapas and pinchos with a fresh Madrilenian beer Mahou. You can stop by El Mercado de San Miguel, although touristic, it has a huge variety of tasty and high-quality food. Download the full guide of El Fiesta de San Isidro 2019 to plan in advance.

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El Orgullo
Madrid’s Pride Week is known around the world. This festival runs from June 28 through July 7 and it is a very big deal for both Madrileños and people coming from across Spain and other countries. Pack your rainbow gear and enjoy all of the brightly colored decorations around town. The best part of the celebration is during the big parade starting from Puerta de Alcalà and going all the way to Atocha Station. Huge Floats cross the city center while onlookers dance and celebrate together. Visit the rooftop at Circulo de las Bellas Artes you’ll be able to see a great view of the city and the celebration. The sun doesn’t set until after 10 PM so make sure to plan enough downtime to enjoy the festivities.


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Las Palomas
Las Fiestas de la Paloma is one of Madrid’s most important summer fiestas. It is celebrated August 12 through August 15 in honor of the Virgin of the Dove. Most celebrations happen in the barrio of La Latina including the Plaza de la Cebada, Plaza de la Paja, Calle Toledo, Plaza de las Vistillas and around the church of La Virgen de la Paloma. During this fiesta, bars move their counters outside and serve cocktails like the Tinto de Verano and fresh Cerveza. Live music and entertainment start around 5 PM and continue until 3 AM, even on weekdays. Residents join the crowd even from their balconies, usually hanging a mantón de manila, which is a big and colorful shawl that is part of traditional attire.

Skyline view of Madrid

Believe me when I say that you will fall in love with this beautiful city. Madrid has a great vibe throughout the year, I hope my seasonal suggestions have inspired you to start planning your next vacation. And as they say in Madrid, “Ames quien  ames, seas quien seas, madrid te quiere,” Madrid loves you and will capture you.



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