Feel like a Movie Star in Cambridge

More famously known for its University, Cambridge, UK is a beautiful destination that is gaining traction in the Hollywood scene. Lately, film and television producers have not only discovered picturesque scenery but very talented actors and actresses as well.

Here are some top suggestions for experiencing your own glamorous getaway in Cambridge. Follow in the footsteps of the most well-known names from the stage and big screen while using our guide below.

River Walk
The most iconic location is also the easiest to find! The River Cam, which flows throughout Cambridge is an easily recognizable scene from many movies including The Theory of Everything and the cult classic Sylvia.

Starting from the city center, take a stroll along the river towards Grantchester, the home of James Norton from the detective drama series James Norton. While you are in this area, explore the historic St. Andrew’s and St Mary’s Churches. While exploring the river, you might see some of the rowing teams practicing for the famous Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Race, which takes place annually.

Punt Tour
Don’t fancy walking? Take a punt tour along the river and you will see Queens, Kings, Trinity Hall, Trinity, and St. John’s Colleges. The film, Chariots of Fire was set in Trinity and a scene in the film recreates the Great Court Run, in which the runners attempt to run around the Great Court at Trinity College, Cambridge in the time it takes the clock to strike 12 times. St. John’s College is where the majority of filming for The Theory of Everything, which details the life of the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, took place and you can spend a nice day wandering around Cambridge following in the footsteps of celebrities Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne. The story is adapted from Jane Hawking’s memoir Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen and details their life together in Cambridge – you will see the famous Bridge of Sighs on your punt tour as well as Trinity College where Stephen studied. Afterward, pay a visit to Gonville & Caius (pronounced ‘keys’) where he worked for years.

Dinner and a Show
For dinner, treat yourself to an evening of Art Deco elegance and feel just like a 1920’s film star at The Ivy brasserie in Cambridge. Not only is the location worth drooling with a great view of Trinity College. The Head Chef at the Ivy, Stuart Conibear – a former personal chef to Prince Charles at Clarence House – will make you feel like royalty too!

Finish your evening by taking a 5-minute walk to watch a show at the Cambridge Arts Theatre. Footlights is the University of Cambridge drama society and where better to see them than in Cambridge? Famous stars that began their career here include comedian Stephen Fry and actress Emma Thompson! Plan ahead and purchase tickets to a show here.

Cambridge Tips
Be sure to pack comfortable shoes, Cambridge is definitely a walking city filled with winding, cobbled streets. Also, bring an umbrella as England is known for impromptu rainstorms. Plan ahead when visiting the many buildings on the Cambridge University campus. Most of these buildings are subject to closure on holidays, during graduation, and during exams. Hopefully, you enjoy Cambridge and all of the Hollywood-worthy sites, start planning your next vacation today!


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