RUSH: How to Use a Passport Renewal Service

I’m leaving on a jet plane!

I think…

I hope.

See, my daughter and I planned to take a flight from Los Angeles to Panama for an epic vacay, but I hit a little glitch. My passport was about to expire in one month. All this time I thought I had a whole year until it expired, but I was wrong. So very wrong.

While booking our internal flights for Panama, I realized it was expiring sooner than I realized. It was only good until the beginning of August 2017 and Panama requires validity for at least three months. Ugh. Now what?

Oh, but did I mention this was the SECOND time I committed the cardinal passport sin in six months? The same thing happened back in February when Kiddo’s passport expired and we were Mexico bound the following week. Clearly, I didn’t learn my lesson and you can file this whole debacle under Total #MomFail.

Once again, the passport office in Los Angeles wasn’t accepting appointments for renewals and the next nearest office was in Downtown San Diego. With two weekends and federal holiday separating me between renewal and the Panama Canal, I felt as though I was in dire straits.

How to Get a Fast Passport
So I did what any other crazed person would do: I went to my friends on Facebook. Not really for help, just to moan, but my Facebook community was wonderful and answered my prayers. My friend Sarah recommended the agency, Rush My Passport, to help me avoid battling holiday traffic. I dialed that number quicker than you can say, “Wheels up!”

Utilizing Passport Services
Upon calling, I was immediately a assigned service agent, John, and told that he would be responsible for my case. John did an impressive job at walking me through the steps making sure the process was quick and painless. He talked me through the process, the online passport forms, discussed the rates which varied depending on timeline, and emailed me over a checklist, shipping label, and a link so I could fill out the online passport application.

Rush My Passport made sure everything was done quickly and properly as they double-checked that I crossed all my t’s and dotted all my i’s.

Call in the glam squad
The only other thing I needed to provide were professional passport photos. I may or may not have run to the local Bobbi Brown counter for a quick makeover. Oh, don’t even think about judging, these photos follow you around for 10 years. If I could have found a glam squad and wind machine on such short notice to get the Beyoncé look, I would and so would you.

So off went the signed documents to FedEx, and my brand spanking new booklet arrived on the third business day due to the holiday. Rush My Passport offers same day service as well, and I can’t recommend them enough if you find yourself in a similar situation. The entire experience was seamless and we were off to Panama!

Thanks to Rush My Passport
When Rush My Passport caught wind of my dilemma, they were so kind and offered to extend their complimentary services in order for me to help facilitate this review and share my “happy ending” travel story. Thank you, Rush My Passport, for being my knight in shining armor and coming through for me. You truly saved the day!

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