Explore the Historical & Culinary Capital of Poland

Krakow the capital of Poland is a quaint city enriched with history, medieval architecture, and unique landmarks. Poland takes pride in the cultural diversity within its most popular tourist destination. With diversity comes a blend of different cultures and traditions lending to delicious options for dining and local activities.

Authentic Polish cuisine has become internationally recognized for its fresh farm-to-table standards. Tourists can expect to taste locally grown and harvested ingredients, cooked slowly to meld the flavors into culinary treats. The locals try to keep medieval cooking traditions alive. These classic techniques and local restaurants have been awarded 26 recognitions in the 2018 Michelin Guide.

If you are looking for delicious European cuisine visit Restauracja Szara located in Market Square. The restaurant features tables from the 14th century and a beautiful garden with views of Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Church. Order the traditional Fish soup à la Bouillabaisse with a fantastic halibut fillet in wine sauce for an authentic experience.

A white plate with duck breast and elderberry sauce cuisine.

Next, explore the local Rynek Główny, it is the largest medieval market square in Europe and for centuries it was used by merchants and farmers to sell food and goods. The Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) located in the center of square features the National Museum on the first floor. You can also purchase souvenirs to commemorate your visit to the most important building in Krakow.

A white carriage in front of a castle looking building.

Local Krakow citizens take pride in supporting their local farmers. Almost every neighborhood in Kraków has its own farmers market. The most famous market is the Stary Kleparz which dates back to over 800 years ago. The best Chef’s in Krakow frequent this market daily to gather fresh ingredients for their restaurants. Once a month the market hosts an Art & Food Bazar – the only place where you can taste ready to eat dishes from all over the world.

Top Attractions

As you tour through Krakow you will notice a long list of attractions throughout the city. I recommend visiting one of the top tourist attractions in Krakow, the Wieliczka Salt Mine. This historic salt mine has been in use since the Middle Ages. Wieliczka has nine levels stretching 327 meters below ground.

A dark salt mine 327 meters underground

The walk through the salt mine starts with 380 steps descending 64 meters underground and it takes about three hours to complete. During this time you will walk through magnificent sites including chapels, underground lakes, and hundreds of stalagmites, and stalactites. The highlight of the tour is the Kinga Chapel which dates back to the 17th century and is well-known for its amazing acoustics. Everything in the chapel is created out of rock salt including the tiled floors, chandeliers, and even the sculptures.

Next on the list is a day trip cable train tour to Zakopane. The cable train, Kolejka na Kapsrowy Wierch tours you through the mountainous landscape and up to a popular viewpoint. From here you can admire the breathtaking landscape views of the Polish and Slovakia Tatry mountains.

Mountains with melted snow and a body of water surrounded by large rocks

During the winter months, Krakow becomes a snow sports paradise. There are a ton of activities available such as skiing, snowmobile tours, outdoor excursions, snow rafting, and horse-drawn sleigh rides with dinner in front of an open fire.

White snow with mountains covered in snow.

This was only a snapshot of delicious restaurants and fun activities featured in Krakow. Start planning your vacation today to experience Poland’s pride and joy!

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