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Copenhagen is an amazing town, where you can explore beautiful museums, hipster neighbors, and relax in the lovely countryside. Copenhagen is a great destination for explorers who are searching for fun festivals and warm summer weather. Once you are here, you will notice buzzing energy that brings the city to life. While the usual tourist attractions are fun, I suggest looking into hidden treasures outside of the city center. Traveling solo might seem daunting but this guide is here to help you plan a full itinerary of fun activities you can enjoy with or without a travel buddy.

Start your day in Langelinie Park, pack a light jacket and some comfortable walking shoes. Head on over to the beautiful statue of The Little Mermaid, created by Edvard Eriksen. Eriksen was inspired to create this statue by the classic Christian Andersen fairytale. As you walk through Churchill Park you will find many beautiful statues and attractions such as the Gefion Fountain, St. Alban’s Church and the Royal Pavilions of Nordre Toldbod.

Copper statue of a mermaid on a rock in water

Nyhavn, which means “new harbor,” is a 17th-century waterfront that represents the entertainment area of the Danish capital. Take pictures with the colorful buildings on the canal, they are perfect for a fun background. Before you visit the area, do your homework to learn about the history in Nyhavn to make sightseeing more exciting. Visit during the day to enjoy the lovely colors of the houses along the streets.

Waterfront with brightly colored buildings

Evening temperatures can get low, yet to my surprise, it does not stop people from enjoying the nightlife. Starting with Bakken, the atmosphere here is laid back. Invite some friends to enjoy the techno/electronic club and live music. Get here early so you are not stuck waiting in line. Next, the Jolene Bar has a great vibe and features themed nights such as their Throwback Parties, a monthly event organized by the LGTB community. Both bars are known for hosting famous electronic DJs. Take a look at their event calendars to see who will be performing.

If you fancy a chill night, then try a cocktail at the Strøm Bar. Their signature cocktail the Cucumber Yum-Yum is a delicious blend of gin, lime, berries, acacia’s honey, and Aalborg Jubilæums Akvavit, a typical Danish spirit.

Jump on a boat tour around the tiny canals of Copenhagen and you will see the city in a whole new way. The trip usually lasts around 50 to 60 minutes. Visit the Hey Captain website to schedule your tour and get more information on booking and schedules.

Aerial view of buildings in Copenhagen, Germany.

Next, visit the second oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli GardensThe park was inaugurated in 1843 and is now one of the main attractions of the city. Visit their website for more information about tickets prices and hours of operation. Even if you are not a big fan of amusement parks, the grounds alone are reason enough for a visit.

 Freetown Christiania is a community made of barracks and ramparts that was established in 1617 by King Christian IV. Before you visit this area, I recommend reading and learning more about its history.  Bring a map with you to make sure you don’t get lost while exploring! I personally enjoyed visiting Loppen which hosts music and special events. Each home in this neighborhood is made by its owner and boasts creativity and unique elements.

green house with a mural of a tree and bright colors

Next on the list is Europe’s famous street food haven, the Reffen Street Food Market. On the way, you can find a fantastic hiking trail called Blocs & Walls. This is a great way to burn a few calories while building up your appetite for the street food market. At Reffen, you can find cuisine from every part of the world; people are very cheerful and hospitable, and they let you taste test before buying anything. How can you not love this place!

Wooden sign with black lettering

Puk Restaurant is my favorite restaurant in the area. Try the salmon; it is very flavorful and cooked perfectly. They also have a homemade beer called Krenkerup PUKpecial brew with a fruity liquor.

Dinner entree with salmon, radishes,and sprouts.

Copenhagen has many cozy bars all over their neighborhoods. These stops highlight a very nostalgic ambiance with hand-written menus, vintage architecture, and homemade specialty desserts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Rist Kaffebar, Democratic Coffee Bar and Leckerbaer are among the best. While drinking hot chai milk or cappuccino, try the bakery specialties such as the rhubarb cake, the romkgugler or the hindbarsnitten.

 two desserts on paper plates

Copenhagen is truly enjoyable, there are not too many tourists and the local people are friendly and welcoming. There are many options for outdoor activities, fine dining, nightlife, and more. Discover this amazing city and let Copenhagen guide you through its canals on your next adventure.



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