5 Ways to Save for Your Next Vacation

I think that one of my favorite things about travel is that it feels rewarding. I love working hard with my next adventure in mind and knowing that I always have something to look forward to. Having saving goals and plans in place can not only help you to save on your next vacation, but it can also add an element of fun and sense of accomplishment to the process!

Here are a few different ways that I personally use to motivate myself and my family to work towards saving travel dollars throughout the year.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money for Your Vacation

1. Rewards Credit Cards
Credit cards can be a great way to earn cash (or travel miles) back for your purchases. I must preface this by saying that I pay off my credit card in full every month. Not doing so would obviously make this a very ineffective way to get ahead. That being said, using a credit card with travel rewards is a great way to make your money work harder for you. I have several of my monthly bills and memberships set up on auto pay each month which means less work paying bills for me, and I earn a little bit in the process.

Using a credit card is also a great way to track expenses and insure purchases, if your card offers insurance. We use a credit card offered by our favorite airline which earns us several free airline tickets per year. Hilton Honors also offers two versions of American Express cards that allow you to earn points as well.

2. Set Up Fare Alerts
Put your travel wishes out to the universe, and you never know, it might just answer!

I actually have a separate email account set up specifically for travel deals, offers and online subscriptions. While sometimes these emails can feel overwhelming and downright spammy, those great offers might actually come in handy from time to time. Many travel sites will actually allow you to set up alerts for specific flights or hotels, and while you might not have a use for most of the offers that you get, you might also have a great offer land right in your lap. It’s all about timing.

3. Declutter, Purge and Sell!
Clear out the clutter and turn it into priceless memories with the family; it’s a win-win! This is actually something that my family does every year. Our major spring cleaning is followed by a family garage sale. Not only does this help to keep us from living with clutter, but all proceeds go into our family vacation fund. I find that my kids enjoy this process especially since we team up as a family to make decisions about when and where to spend our mutually earned travel dollars.

4. Cut Back on the Extras
This one is actually really simple, once you narrow down what your extras are. For me, it was giving up that urge to pull into a Starbucks every time I saw one. My husband opted to give up desserts on our date nights, and the kids agreed that we could survive a movie in the theater without the pricey snacks. Of course, we don’t stick to these cut backs all of the time, but when we do, we allocate those dollars to the family travel fund.

5. Automatic Transfer to Your Travel Fund
Talk to your banker about setting up an automatic transfer to a savings account. Our bank was recently offering a $75 grocery gift card for this process so we jumped on it. This is the fund that we keep all of our travel money in, and it has actually been a wonderful activity for the entire family as we watch it grow and plan our future travels.

I love the idea of saving for something. It truly makes those travel moments seem even more priceless than they already are!

Do you have any other easy ways to save money for vacation? Please share in the comments below!

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5 Easy Ways to Save Money for Vacation

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