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  • Sunset over a Fisherman Village in Ngapali

  • Boats and Fisherman walking along a lake in Ngapali

  • Birds Eye View of Ngapali showing a temple along with small villlages

  • Small huts in a local village in Ngapali

  • Small island in the middle of a lake in Ngapali

  • Boats and trees lining the coast of a Fisherman Village in Ngapali

  • Boats and Fisherman along a coastline in Ngapali

  • Cows walking along a Fisherman Village in Ngapali

  • Large pond of water surrounded by huts in Ngapali

  • Medium sized hut in a field surrounded by crops in Ngapali

Ngapali in Myanmar is widely known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Thousands of people flock to this area to enjoy the beach every year, but I am here to take you on a tour from a local’s perspective. By the time you return home, you will have amazing memories to take with you as souvenirs.

Rise & Shine with Elephants at Ta La Nal Elephants Camp
Wake up early and take a car ride to the nearby town of Thandwe, there you will be ushered into a small wooden boat traveling upstream for about an hour. The small journey is definitely worth the wait as you will arrive to see the elephants take their morning bath.  After enjoying bath time and the sanctuary, join the elephants on their trip back to their home up the hill. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a big appetite! I suggest eating the local farmer style lunch that is served with this tour.

A Day at Fisherman’s Village
On the next day of your trip, I recommend starting with an early morning trip to Jate Taw fisherman’s village. Here you’ll watch wooden boats unload fish by oxen and cart after an evening of fishing. Plan ahead and sign up for a Chef lead cooking class. You can choose the type of fresh fish you’d like to prepare and bring it back to the resort to cook and eat your creation for lunch. Make sure you keep the recipe so you can recreate it when you travel back home.

Experience the Local Life
Visiting Ngapali is like stepping back into simpler and more relaxed times. Start your day by having breakfast at your hotel and consider ordering a sandwich to go so you can enjoy it for lunch – while you’re exploring like a local. Take a short bike ride to Zabagyi village where you will meet welcoming locals and see interesting things. Locals openly invite tourists into their homes where you might notice vintage radios or appliances. Zabagyi also offers beautiful views of the beach and farmland, making it a perfect location for photos.

Float Over Thandwe
One of my favorite experiences is waking up early and enjoying the sunrise in a hot air balloon floating over the town of Thandwe. Plan ahead and purchase your ticket from Oriental Ballooning, they offer a comfortable ride in a gondola that fits up to four people. Upon scheduling, you will be picked up from Hilton Ngapali for a 7-mile ride to Thandwe. The balloon ride lifts off right next to a hilltop pagoda, you’ll feel as though you’re drifting on the gentle breeze. Fly low over Thandwe river, peek down to see local people greeting you with waving hands and a friendly ‘Mingalabar’ – local wishes of fortune. Climbing high, you can take in the 360-degree panoramic view of the river, rice fields, and villages while you enjoy the tranquil silence.

Ngapali is developing at a rapid pace; I encourage you to visit and experience everything we have to offer here. I hope you enjoy all of my suggestions. Ngapali is a beautiful destination with friendly locals and unique experiences.  We hope to see you around here soon!

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