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  • The beach at Lokrum Island

  • Taj Mahal Restaurant meat platter

  • View of the Old City from the Top of Mount SRD

  • The Old City (View from The City Walls)

  • Cliff landscape in The Old City Dubrovnik

Located in the south of Croatia lies the city of Dubrovnik, known as ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’. Dubrovnik is home to beautiful beaches and the Old City, a UNESCO world heritage site.

It is easy to lose yourself wandering the narrow streets of Old Town or sink your toes into the sandy shores of nearby beaches. But before you do, I have some recommendations you won’t want to miss out on!


The Old City

Wandering the streets of a pedestrian only, Old City, is an absolute must in Dubrovnik. The architecture is simply beautiful. You will feel as though you have stepped back in time as you climb the steps to the city walls to explore from above. There are also tons of museums for you to soak up the rich culture and history of the city. The Maritime Museum is a must if you’re interested in the history of the city! There are a lot of interesting artifacts to see, and you can learn all about the origins of Dubrovnik.

Mount SRD (Cable Car)

If you want beautiful views of Old City and the surrounding countryside, you must head up the Cable Car. It takes only 3 minutes to get there; if you don’t fancy the cable car ride, there is also a hiking trail which takes approximately 40 minutes. Afterwards reward yourself with a nice cold drink at the Panorama Bar and Restaurant at the top!


The Island of Lokrum is a peaceful haven only 10 minutes from the old port by ferry ride. The island itself is a nature reserve. You can find lizards, tortoises and lots of native birds on the island. There’s so much to see, including the ruins of an old monastery, where you can learn about the curse of Lokrum. Feel free to explore the island at your leisure or you can simply choose to lay on a sunbed and enjoy the sunshine. If you do plan on exploring the island, be sure to wear comfy shoes suitable for walking!

Eat & Drink Musts:
Dubrovnik offers so many great dining options that picking a restaurant can be a little overwhelming! Down a little side street in the Old City is Taj Mahal. They serve traditional Bosnian cuisine and the menu is full of delicious meats, cheeses, pies and stews, as well as super friendly staff. For something a little quieter and outside the touristy centre, try Amfora, the menu is traditional Mediterranean. The fish is fresh and the pasta is homemade; what more could you want?

A perfect spot to watch the sun go down before dinner is Buza Bar. This bar is literally on the side of a cliff just outside the city walls. It’s very touristy and the prices reflect that, but the views across the Adriatic speak for themselves! For somewhere to unwind after dinner, head to Troubadour in the Old City. They have loads of cocktails to choose from – my favourite being the raspberry mojito, as well as live jazz music every night; you’ll love the great atmosphere!

Whether you’re a sun worshipper, foodie, or a history lover, Dubrovnik has something to offer everyone! And once you’re here, you simply won’t want to leave!


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