Top Places to Dine in LA

  • Big Foot East, LA

  • Idle Hour, Los Angeles

When I was in college, I spent about 6 months working for TOMS Shoes in LA, eating and drinking my way through the city. It’s one of my favorite places to get dinner and drinks with friends. If you’re visiting LA, I highly recommend you get away from the tourist scene and try some of these tried and true eateries and bars.


Wabi-Sabi: Wabi-Sabi in Venice is one of my favorite places in the country to eat sushi. The ingredients are so fresh, and the servers are prompt and attentive. Try the Wabi-Sabi roll!

Spumoni: I lived in LA in 2008, and I still have dreams about Spumoni’s gnocchi. This is not an exaggeration. Located in Santa Monica near the Brentwood neighborhood, grab a seat by the window and you might also see a celebrity walking by from the nearby frozen yogurt shop.

Tacos Por Favor: Moving to LA from Texas was quite an adjustment and none more so than the Mexican food. In Texas, we have a very specific regional cuisine called Tex-Mex. It’s fantastic. Unlike Tex-Mex, California-style Mexican food (read: not covered in gravy and cheese) is fresh, light, and delicious. No one does it better than Tacos Por Favor – and they have a ton of vegetarian options. Also located in Santa Monica, don’t let the somewhat disheveled exterior dissuade you; the food is top notch (and they deliver!).


Big Foot East: In the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, Big Foot East is the perfect place for Sunday brunch. They have a cereal bar, and unique breakfast-themed cocktails with ingredients like Fruit Loop flavored milk. Plus, if you show up in PJs, you get 20% off.

Idle Hour: Owned by the same group as Big Foot East, Idle Hour is a newer bar in North Hollywood that’s built in a giant, refurbished barrel. The walls curve in, making the space feel fun but intimate. They have cocktails on draft, which is really all you need to know.

The Brig: The Brig is a classic 1950s dive bar in Venice off Abbott Kenney. Venice is a must visit for the street performers and beach, so end the day at the Brig for a relaxed time with friends. The Brig constantly has events, like live music and karaoke, so check their web site for a schedule of what’s happening that night.

I hope that when you’re in LA, you have as much fun as I did during my time there. If you need a hotel recommendation, I always love the centrally located, historical Beverly Hilton. It’s the best of the best. Enjoy your trip!

Photo Credit: @suzyjpants.

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