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As fans, were all in this together. We’re together through the passage of time, the repeating patterns, and the changes to the game. And together, we celebrate the promise of hope a new season of college football brings. We do this by honoring our school traditions, disrespecting our rivals, and remembering champions. If you happen to be in Columbia, SC during a college football Saturday this fall, stop into one of these great local sport bars to catch the game.

  1. Wild Wing Café in the Vista: This bar has over 33 different wings flavors to choose from, as well as a hefty selection of great bar foods. If you go, you have to get the honey mustard wings. It has two-stories and an abundance of TV’s for you to watch your favorite team on game day.
  2. Carolina Ale House in the Vista: This sports-themed spot is always popular on Saturdays, with a nice pub-styled menu if you are looking to satisfy a craving beyond the typical bar food. Along with numerous TV’s this spot has pool tables, foosball, darts, and other activities. It has a great rooftop patio as well.
  3. Village Idiot in Five Points: The Village Idiot has been a local favorite among USC college students since the early 90’s. With cheap drink offerings and by-the slice NY-Style Pizza, you are sure to get a great meal and a true Carolina experience if you watch a game here.
  4. The Loose Cockaboose: TLC is the only bar next to Williams-Brice Stadium, you just have to walk right down Stadium Road to get there. This place offers tasty bar food and even has a create-your-own section where you can let your food or drink imagination run wild.
  5. California Dreaming: With its cobb salad being voted the best salad across the state of South Carolina, this relaxing restaurant is a go-to spot if you want to get away from the crowds a little bit and enjoy a calmer dining experience. It still has plenty of TV’s so you don’t have to miss the game.
  6. Cockaboose Railroad: The most exclusive spot to tailgate in Columbia is on the Cockaboose railroad. Sitting only 50 yards away from the stadium you’ll find super spiffed up cabooses, sitting on a dormant railroad track. From built-in audio systems and high definition TV’s, to mahogany cabinets, brass chandeliers, marble counter tops, and Victorian coaches, each individually decorated caboose has its own flair. It has a waiting list of over a dozen people, and price tags to reserve a caboose can reach $500,000.
  7. Williams-Brice Stadium: Under a Carolina sky, there it stands amongst the palmettos and beneath the crescent moon. It’s a structure, forged from concrete and time. It’s a strong as South Carolina’s pride, and as enduring as its passion. Tradition originates from its core, history echoes through its walls. For seven decades, it’s given rise to legends and each fall it awaits the next one. It is not a desert, but a sandstorm builds within it. It has been described as a sea of garnet and black. It has a sound that doesn’t just pierce the air, but penetrates your soul. This is a place where every odyssey starts with 2001. It’s where your wake up call, is their battle cry. When it’s a Fall Saturday in South Carolina, you need to witness Williams-Brice.


Watching college football with your buddies is a ritual that is hard to resist or replace. Once again, it’s time we raise our voices to a game that brings us and keeps us together as fans through the years. The circle is unbroken. Fall is here. AND SO IS COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!

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