Top 6 “Non-Product” Gifts for Travelers

Getting a gift for a traveler can be a difficult task. There are a multitude of really cool gadgets, but with baggage fees getting larger and space at a premium, do you really want to give another item that someone will need to pack in a bag on a trip?

Rather than focusing on another gizmo, you can give a travel service that can make a trip more enjoyable or exciting without having to give something wrapped up in a box.

6 “Out of the Box” Travel Service Gifts

1. AAA membership
While not the most exciting of gifts, for around $80 per year, AAA offers plenty of discounts on hotels (including Hilton), flights, vacations, attractions and other services that most travelers can use. We have used our discounts to get cheaper rental cars at our favorite destinations.

In addition, you are giving the piece of mind in knowing that, if someone’s car breaks down either on vacation or in regular life, AAA will tow the car or give a battery the jump start it needs. Members also receive various discounts on other fun experiences like movie tickets, restaurants and museums.

2. Ski Pass
Winter is coming, and what could be better than to give ski passes to your loved ones who love the snow? In the northeast there are several different mountains that offer a variety of different packages. If you have a skier or snowboarder in your family, I’m sure that they will love someone covering their lift pass. On top of that, if you have someone who has always wanted to ski or snowboard but hasn’t gotten out on the slopes, you can also consider paying for lessons at the mountain of their choice.

With the cold weather coming, it’s going to get harder and harder to get out and get some fresh air. Ski passes and lessons are perfect gifts for getting your family and friends off the couch and on the slopes.

3. TripIt app
The TripIt app is one of the best travel apps around. It helps you organize your itineraries, searches your inbox for travel reservations and automatically uploads them into your app. For a heavy traveler I would suggest the Pro version which costs $49 a year and provides alerts on cancellations, delays, gate changes and baggage claim locations. The Pro version can also help you search for alternative flights and track your fare refunds, if you have any.

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4. TSA Precheck application fee
If you have waited in super long lines for security (I am looking at you JFK and LGA travelers), then applying for TSA Precheck is a must. All it takes is a quick online application and an even quicker in-person appointment for a background check and finger printing at an enrollment center, often found at most major airports.

For $85 you are covered for five years of membership. TSA Precheck allows you to go through a separate security line with fewer actions like taking things out of your baggage or removing your shoes or jacket. The lines are usually significantly shorter than the ones at regular security and certainly much less stressful, especially if you are late for your flight. If you have an international traveler on your list, consider Global Entry, which allows you to quickly speed through customs coming into the U.S. and also includes with TSA Precheck.

5. Airline miles
Airline miles are an interesting gift. You either have enough miles to earn tickets, or, more than likely, you are in the horrible middle ground of having a decent amount of miles but not enough to get a free flight. If you don’t fly enough, your miles may expire and it can cost money to reinstate them. So instead of wasting them, why not give them to someone who can use them? You can also buy miles or points for someone and help them get out of that ugly gray area.

6. Surprise them with a Hilton Getaway
Hilton has hundreds of hotels all around the world, and some of the best presents we have given our family have been one- or two-night stays in hotels. This gift offers your loved ones a chance to step away from their busy lives and truly enjoy a vacation. You can also find a number of packages available at Hilton hotels which can include experiences and meals depending on the package to make an even more complete and fun gift. Plus, there’s always the Hilton gift card!

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6 Best Travel Service & Travel Experience Gifts for Travelers

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