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Istanbul boasts 14 million residences, 3 million cars, 16 shopping malls, 16 Hilton Worldwide hotels, and spans 2 continents. In short, Istanbul is a city which never sleeps and where you will always find something to do!

One thing you will find everywhere in Istanbul is food. The options range from small kebab stores to fancy restaurants. But ask someone in Turkey what the most important meal of the day is, and you will almost always get the same answer: Breakfast!

Sunday Breakfast is a real feast consisting of many dishes including a variety of cheeses, bread, honey & cream, egg dishes, jams and more.

So while in Istanbul, make sure you start your day with a famous Turkish Breakfast (Kahvaltı).

The breakfast places we love:

Van Kahvaltı Evi
The Restaurant is named after the city of Van. Van is located in the East of Turkey and is famous for its breakfast and local cheese. The restaurant is located in the trendy and upcoming area, Cihangir. Make sure you arrive early because you are not the only one fancying breakfast at this place!

This restaurant is located in Karaköy; it is an all-in-one restaurant and delicatessen shop. Choose your dishes from the counter, and success is guaranteed. Make sure you leave room for dessert; the best Baklava Store of Istanbul is right next door.

Kale Café
Located close to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge next to the Bosphorus, you will find Kale Café and many other breakfast restaurants. What makes this place so special are the delicious breakfast dishes served on small plates and in authentic pots. Sit upstairs for the best views over the Bosphorus, and enjoy a lovely seaside walk after breakfast!

Where to Stay:

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