Don’t Forget These Items on Your Beach Packing List!

While we love traveling in general, beach trips are our favorites. I love to feel the heat of the sun and the shade of a cabana on the beach. With spring break here and summer coming soon, these reminders will help you get out of the winter doldrums.

Everyone remembers the “important” things to pack for the beach (most of the time), but these are some “don’t forget” items for your beach vacation packing list. You’ve got your swimsuits, beach shoes, and hair ties packed and ready to go, but don’t forget these important items!

Sun Essentials for Your Beach Packing List
Don’t forget your hat. I usually pack mine in the suitcase so I always opt for one that rebounds from a little crumpling.

We never forget sunscreen, but I often forget the aloe vera gel. Even under the best circumstances, my youngest daughter gets pinker than the rest of us. While she doesn’t burn or blister, her skin does get a little tender. We use a good sunscreen (we love our dermatologist’s suggestion of Cerave), but the aloe vera gel has the cooling power to soothe young skin at night.

When you tuck your sweet babies in at night, make sure your lips are kissable and soft. Be sure to pack a lip balm or sunscreen designed for your lips. Children especially need an extra layer of protection on their lips while playing in the sand, sea, and ocean breeze all day.

“Water, water every where, nor any drop to drink.” Pack a canteen or BPA-free water bottle for each family member. You will quickly become dehydrated from the heat and activities. Safe drinking water is usually accessible, but its always good to be prepared, especially if you are going shopping in town or hiking in a rain forest.

Finally, pack your sense of fun and adventure! I’ve traveled with people before who were so worried that they didn’t look like a magazine model in a swimsuit that they never set foot on the beach or had any fun. It really is true…people aren’t staring at you and your swimwear choice. This is a family vacation. Have fun on the beach with your family. Don’t spend time looking on from afar. Join in and create memories!

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