About Us

Exploring a new city and looking for insider tips? We’re on Twitter and ready to help!
In April 2009, Hilton Worldwide launched an initiative called Hilton Suggests, to help travelers all around the world — from New York to Shanghai, and almost everywhere in between. Since joining Twitter in April 2009, our mission has been to continue Conrad Hilton’s vision of filling the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality, one tweet at a time.
How does it work?
Hilton Suggests communicates with travelers through Twitter to help those in destinations around the world build experiences that make their travel easier or more memorable. Plus, all recommendations are authentic and based on team members’ personal experiences and opinions. We won’t promote or sell you anything. Just simple, honest advice. Simply use Twitter to send us questions. Start your message with @hiltonsuggests, then tell us which city you’re in and what we can help recommend for you. That’s it.
Which cities do you cover?
Our team covers over 110 locations globally, and we love to travel, too – so, try us out and we’ll find you a recommendation for just about anywhere.
What type of recommendations can I get?
You might ask about a new favorite pizza restaurant in Chicago, or a great place for a sushi date in San Diego. Yoga in NYC? No problem. Best way to travel in London? No problem. The Hilton Suggests team will reply with the places we’ve experienced to be the best of those. You can also search our blog for recommendations that go past the 140-character limit on Twitter.
Legal note:
Recommendations are based on Team Members’ personal experiences and opinions. You acknowledge that unless otherwise noted, Hilton Worldwide is not in any way affiliated with any of the recommended establishments mentioned on this website or in Hilton Suggests posts on Twitter. If you are a representative of one of the establishments listed on this website and you wish to have information updated or removed, please contact us on Twitter @hiltonsuggests, or email us at hiltonsuggests@hilton.com.
Thank you for reading and don’t forget to tweet us for suggestions!

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