Southern Jordan’s Most Famous And Memorable Tourist Attractions

Welcome back to our tour of Jordan!

By now, most visitors have heard of the famous Dead Sea or have perused the capital city – but some of the most famous locations in Jordan have yet to come! My favorite attractions, and arguably some of the most recognizable attractions of Jordan, we will now explore in the south of Jordan!


Did you know that Petra is a city fully engraved in stone? Plus, it is pink! Petra was selected as one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’ with many features to see, such as the famous Siq (the narrow canyon), the treasury, the theater, the monastery, the tombs, the churches and the temples. Make sure you have space on your memory card and that your camera is fully charged!

Note that if you are on a tight schedule, you can easily plan a day trip to see the main sites, however, it is highly recommended that you stay overnight! It can often be difficult to see all of Petra in one day; plus, the Petra Night Show is incredible! The show displays the pink rock city by candlelight, an incomparable experience that is lit with more than 1,500 candles throughout the city walkways. The show runs every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of the week.

Remain assured that there are lots of nearby local and international hotels to accommodate overnight visitors. 

Wadi Rum

In need of some adrenaline pumping adventure? This is where you can loosen the leash! Experience skydiving, camping, buggy racing, hiking, camel riding and jeep touring at Wadi Rum. It’s a desert of wonders, permanently associated with Lawrence of Arabia, and now equally famous for being the place where Matt Damon’s The Martian movie was shot.


With warm weather and plentiful coral reefs, Aqaba also boasts diving, snorkeling, swimming, and many other water sports in the crystal-clear waters. Try to visit the many museums, learn about the marine life, enjoy the local food, shop around, or dine in one of the fresh seafood restaurants.

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