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Fewer than 145 miles away via I-95 N from Washington, D.C., the “City of Brotherly Love” is an ideal day trip destination for guests of The District by Hilton Club, or locals looking for a quick getaway from D.C.!

To get from D.C. to Philadelphia, I recommend taking either the train or making the trip by car. To take the train, head to Union Station, accessed via the DuPont Circle station on the blue Metro line (just 9 minutes away from The District by Hilton Club). This route will get you to Philadelphia in around just 3 hours. For my trip, I took the drive to visit some friends in Philadelphia.

While in Philly, I saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, ate an authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwich at the nation’s first securities and commodities exchange, and stumbled into Chinatown for some great bubble tea! I say stumbled into Chinatown because on the way back to where I parked my car, I chose to take the road less traveled (ignoring the maps on my phone), and tried to follow my own sense of direction. Surprisingly, this works very well in Philly!

The rich history of Philadelphia spans many centuries, from being founded by William Penn in 1682 to its present day splendor as the recent host of the Democratic National Convention. Independence Hall is particularly interesting, as it was the birthplace and the signing location of both the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Just across the street from Independence Hall is the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is a symbol of freedom and is just a few decades older than the United States. It was shipped from London to Independence Hall as a symbol of the declaration of American independence.

Parking is a premium in Philly, but like D.C., it’s a very walkable city best experienced on foot. Finding a spot to keep the car parked is well worth a day’s parking charge to experience the real history in this town. Everywhere you walk, you are immersed in quintessential American culture and the diversity of the nation as well. As I walked the streets, I saw a man playing a saxophone, a horse-drawn carriage, a wall painted with flags from every nation, a new LDS Temple, and a restaurant with signs only in Chinese – all in about a half-mile radius of one another. There is beauty in the rich heritage everywhere you walk in Philadelphia.

So, if you have a day during your vacation in D.C., take a short trip to Philly to experience more of America’s yesteryear…it’s the perfect augment to the great history of our nation’s capital!

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