Top 7 Sanity-Keeping Apps for Traveling

Who doesn’t love to travel? Nowadays it’s just so easy to pick a destination and GO! Family vacations can open you up to new experiences, new relationships and provide you with adventures you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Sometimes however, the journey to the final destination, especially with kids, can be filled with bumps and challenges so even the most experienced jet setters need a little app help.

Nowadays there is an app for EVERYTHING from travel planning and packing to kid-friendly entertainment and local hotspots. Here is my list of the 7 best travel apps that help me keep my sanity while traveling with the family or going solo.

WhatsApp Messenger
This messaging app is PERFECT for connecting with domestic and international friends while traveling. As long as you have WiFi access, you can share pictures, videos, and messages and stay connected from anywhere in the world. WhatsApp Messenger is available on iOS and Android with the first year free and 99¢ per year after that.

This great travel app holds all of my travel itineraries, reward programs and local information all in one place. After I confirm any car rental, flight, or hotel reservation, I forward the email to and get 24-hour access to my trip all in one location. Plus, they text me check-in reminders and flight status updates so that I can keep my sanity. There is a free version of the TripIt app, but I highly recommend the pro service for $50 a year. The TripIt app is available on iOS and Android.

Unfortunately whenever I travel, I see my weight start to creep up so I need a little help. That’s why I love the MyFitnessPal app! It’s a free download that tracks food intake and exercise. Unsure about the calorie count of a given food? Either scan the UPC code on the package or find it in their massive database. Best of all, if you have a fitness device like a Fitbit or Garmin you can connect it to My FitnessPal! This app is available on iOS and Android.

As you may know, Uber is an affordable way to get across town in your favorite destination. I love how once you download the app it is SO easy to find a ride and pay without cash. The app gives you an estimated time of arrival at your destination and allows you to share the ride fare when traveling with a friend. Plus you can pick from UberX to Lux depending your preference. During my last Uber ride, I asked my driver about local hotspots and he had so many great insider travel tips. Find the Uber app on iOS and Android.

Already a Netflix member and have some time between flights? How about a little binge watching or catching up on your favorite shows? The Netflix app is only available for travel within the United States and some international locations. You can download this app on iOS devices, Android and Windows.

Evernote is the app that holds your entire digital life, like upcoming events, lists and reminders. There is a free download and monthly service. I just use the free option and love the WebClipper function to flag articles to read while waiting at airport. I have also started writing blog posts in the notes. I love to-do lists so this apps makes me feel organized and happy. The Evernote app is available on iOS and Android.

I have several magazine subscriptions that I never get to read except for when I travel by plane or train, but they add so much weight to my bag. The Magzter app download is free, but you must purchase magazine downloads or sign up for a $4.99 or $9.99 monthly subscriptions. I really like this new magazine subscription service because offers so many international magazines that you usually can’t find in the U.S., along with your most popular American magazines. The Magzter app is available on iOS, Android and Windows.

What apps are your favorite for keeping you sane during a trip? Please share with us in the comments below.

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